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Happy Lovers Day, Lovers.

By Notquitecarrie @OliviaMackinnon

Happy lovers day, lovers.


Ah, I would love to be munching on some heart shaped lollies right now. Cue drool into keyboard.

Oh yes, it’s that special day of the year. It’s not even 9am and already I’ve gotten wind of a guy proposing to the ever so lucky ‘Jess’ via gigantic banner on the Harbour Bridge, Well done Jess, you’ve made National news - you’ve got yourself a keeper right there.

This year, I’ve decided to trade in my bitter single card and opt for a more refreshing stance on V-day. It’s not because i’m in the throws of one heck of an amazing relationship either – it’s because I’ve decided to take Valentine’s Day as more of an opportunity to tell all the people I love – that yep, I do in fact love them.

I’ve chosen to forget about the times a guy has asked me for my work address, only to be bitterly disappointed when nothing arrives – that is a blow and a half let me tell you! Yep – the best thing to do is expect nothing at all, and to choose to spend this loved-up day with the people that really matter – not the dude who is kind of interested, but may mean nothing in oh, around two weeks time.

Guys – just a thought. If you do fancy the pants of a young lady, do not underestimate the power of the ‘gesture’. I feel it goes by pretty underrated when it comes to you lot. It deserves greater snaps, because let me tell you – the girls, they LOVE it. If you want to make her day, and ensure she’s pretty much indebted to you for at least the best part of 24 hours – make her smile with a gesture, however small. It doesn’t have to be Jess-style Harbour Bridge signage (although, who am I kidding? It wouldn’t hurt your cause), just a funny text that makes her laugh, a single rose delivered to her office, or something horribly cliche and a bit gay that will make her smile.

Don’t be disheartened if nothing arrives on your doorstep today lovers – this day is what you make of it. Chivalry isn’t exactly at it’s peak – so wish those who do get spoilt rotten the best and remember that one day, your day will come. My advice to get through his majorly pumped-up day? Organise some crazy fun for your and your best friends this evening, or if your heart is set romance or at the very least, getting a little somethin’ somethin’, take Valentine’s Day by the balls and ensure it goes exactly how you want it to. Guys do love a girl who can take the reigns, so grab your guy (or a guy who takes your fancy) and giddy up. He’ll love you for it – I promise.

Happy lovers day, lovers.




What do you love most about V-day?

What do you wish would happen?

Do you just want to get a little jiggy with it? Hey, there’s no harm in that.

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