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Happy Interruptions

By Shawnaschuh
A young black kitten (cat)

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30 minutes before the alarm went off I awoke – smiled and thought – “Aw – half hour more sleep – goodie!” Then the kitten notices my stirring and came calling.

She turned her purr motor up and pushed her face up to my nose with whiskers tickling and movement required to extract her from such closeness.

I was still smiling as she did this again and again until my glorious 30 minutes were spent not in sleeping but in petting and pushing, listening and positioning with an animal who cares not about alarms or time and simply likes attention.

Think about that.

No concern about time – no wonder animals seem to always be in the present.

I got up and feel great and I’ve decided those 30 minutes of love and attention energizes me far more than the sleep – when I have my attitude right.

I could have been irritated with her – I could have been put out – like we get sometimes – or I should say, like I get sometimes, when I’m interrupted, or when my spouse or kids want something I’m not expecting to do.

How do you handle those things?

This morning I decided to enjoy the fact that this living thing loves me, wants to be with me, wants attention and asks for it. How cool is that?

Remember you create your day by the way you think – Make it magnificent!

Blessings, Shawna


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