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Happy Holidays, Everyone! I'm Getting Back into Writing! #CoverReveal

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost
Happy Holidays, everyone! I'm getting back into writing! #CoverReveal
Back in 1985, I first started writing (and re-writing) a Time Travel novella, Jan of Cleveland. I tried it as a screenplay, then as a short radio play which I had aired on KFAI, public access radio Minneapolis/St. Paul in 1994. In 1999, a good friend and co-worker at the University of Minnesota told me about iUniverse and their $150 publishing program. I published it in 1999, then re-wrote it and re-published it in 2001. Back then, social media was in its infancy and you had to buy expensive display ads in magazines in order to get publicity.
I pretty much gave up on writing until 2011. I completely re-wrote Jan for about the seventh time and sold it on Amazon as an ebook. Since I only attracted trolls as reviewers, I gave up and got into blogging and text editing. After nearly nine years of this good writing experience, I am finishing up an eighth complete overhaul of the novella and having some book club friends critique it for me.
I am thinking it will be released next month. I have renamed it Maiden Voyage and have taken the pen name of Liz Meegan, my first and middle name. I am inspired by Ray Charles whose real name is Ray Robinson, but because of Sugar Ray Robinson, used his first and middle name.
Once it's released, I'll be Facebook sharing and Tweeting up a storm. As Natalie Wood sang in Inside Daisy Clover, You're Gonna Hear From Me!

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