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Happy Halloween!

By Glosews @Glo_Sews
I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween.  I probably won't have many trick or treaters as no one in my neighborhood seems to celebrate Halloween.  Most do not  have a jack-o-lantern or even turn on their porch lights!
All my grands live in a different city so I won't get to see them either, but I will get lots of photos of them from my kids!  Some of those photos have already started and I am going to share those with you, I come from a very... talented family!
Happy Halloween! This is my little Granddaughter Hanne. She is a really cute and scary witch!
Happy Halloween! This is my wonderful daughter-in-law Christa, dressed up as Marie Antoinette. She is rather beautiful all bloody and what not! Love her!
Happy Halloween! This is my niece Brandy dressed in my sister's prom dress from 1964! She is a Prom Queen Zombie! I told you my family was..uhh..talented! LOL
Hope you all have enjoyed the photos and hope everyone has a terrific Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

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