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Happy Father’s Day

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

I hope all you Dads have a great day. :)

My husband is an awesome Dad. I am so extremely blessed to have him and so are our kids.


You are most like your Daddy. He often says that he can relate to things you say and the things you go through at school because your personality is much like his personality as a child. I’ve been watching your Daddy teach you how to play the guitar recently and it’s so special to see you two spending that time together and see him look at you with such pride and love. I know you are getting to old to want to hold his hand or receive to many kisses from him right now but it’s so special that he wants to do that so, today? Let him hold your hand.


Your Daddy loves you so. He often reminisces about rocking you in a rocking chair when you were a baby. He is so proud of how far you have come baby. It’s so special for me to watch you two together because I know he will always love you and accept you just like I do. Daddy lets you squeeze his face just the way you like to, to show your love. I love seeing you and Daddy, Daddy’s first son. It’s very special and so are you.


You are Daddy’s little princess. I watch Daddy play princess and Barbie with you. I see Daddy comply with your “Pick me up!” when he’s trying to get out the door for work. When I get you all prettied up for your day, who do you run to to tell you that you are beautiful? Daddy. Keep running to Daddy for that little lady.


In Daddy’s words…”Lincoln, get down from there!” and “Lincoln, stay out of the toilet!”

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