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Happy Belated Social Media Day!

By Mrstrongest @mrstrongarm

Mashable started Social Media Day back on June 30, 2010.

Sounds odd: given the relentless 24/7 presence of sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, et. al, every day seems to be social media day.

Happy Belated Social Media Day!

Brands use social media to engage with fans and potential customers.

What is social media exactly? There are lots of fancy definitions, but it boils down to two things:

Happy Belated Social Media Day!

  1. Find out what your target audience is talking about: their problems, worries, joys; current events and fads; what makes them laugh, what makes them angry, what makes them leave comments and share posts with their friends.
  2. Respond accordingly: show how you’ve solved similar problems; demonstrate expertise by sharing helpful info; share your history and how you give back to the community; reference “hot topics” to let people know you’re “with it.”
    Happy Belated Social Media Day!

Here’s the condensed version:

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Happy Belated Social Media Day!

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