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Hanna Track Testing, Part 1

By Bertyc @bertyc
Hey all,
It's Monday again, so time for a race update from our team. Two big things to update you on, the first involving the Schulich Axiom Alberta Tour. As I mentioned last week, the team is planning to take Axiom on a tour around Alberta in a few weeks, and now we have finalized a schedule of the cities and towns that we will be bringing Axiom through on each day:
Day 1: May 17th - Leave Calgary, end day in Fort MacLeod
Day 2: May 18th - Oyen
Day 3: May 19th - Elk Island National Park
Day 4: May 20th - Drayton Valley
Day 5: May 21st - Stettler
Day 6: May 22nd - Sundre
Day 7: May 23rd - Hussar, drive home at end of day
The other big news involves our first Saturday of testing of Axiom at the test track up in Hanna, which is about a 3-hour drive east of Calgary.
We took Axiom up to the huge track (about 3-4 miles all the way around) and got some high(er)-speed practice for our drivers, who did laps around the track while several of us followed in a chase vehicle, and the rest did some random work like constructing our new array stand.
All in all, the day was a success, barring some minor electrical and mechanical issues (which Tim and Scott will probably discuss in their posts this week). We will be going back to the track next Saturday for some characterization tests on the car (this is where the real race engineering stuff takes place), it will be great to see how the car performs at different speeds in terms of real physical numbers.
Anyways, keep watching for more updates on the Schulich Axiom Alberta Tour, including what schools we will be visiting in each city, as well as more info from Part 2 at Hanna next week. In the meantime, here's a cool shot of Axiom on the track.
Talk to you next week,
Hanna Track Testing, Part 1

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