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Handling Content Writing Hiccups Post Google Panda and Penguin

Posted on the 18 September 2012 by Mohammadatif @hitechmca

google panda and penguinSearch Engine Optimization or the SEO as we all know is a potential force to reckon with when it comes to popularize your website among the targeted visitors. But its eminence in no way takes the credit away from authentic and unfeigned content writing that unfortunately ceases to get the recognition it deserves.
Thankfully, with the outbreak of Google’s new updates in the form of Google Panda and Penguin, the world of search engine marketing has finally acknowledged its importance. The SEO professionals have now started drifting apart from the usual trend of approaching those with ‘I can copy-paste-it-faster-than-you’ attitude to search content writers for whom genuine copy means everything but imitation.
Google Panda
Of the two releases, Google Panda is more concerned with bringing down the rankings of sites that it found to be of “low-quality” or those consisting of thin content. This heavily affected the websites that were more dependent on poor or promotional content rather than quality to promote their business and overall, the first release of panda in Feb 2011, affected a staggering 12 percent of Google search results. However, reports of unethical websites or those consisting of copyright content making it to the top rankings soon started making rounds.
google panda and penguinThe online giant soon came into action and published a detailed do’s and don’ts of assuring a high-quality website. Several bloggers and SEO freaks too released their own posts to provide essential tips on how to assure suave copy in the wake of Google Panda, the new search engine algorithm. Even I am doing the same, spilling the beans before you. Some essential points to take into consideration may therefore include:
  • Enriching the site with original, authentic and quality content
  • Filtering out redundant content or the one that possess low quality
  • Restrict the promotional content to an acceptable ratio
  • Keep following the instructions released by Google from time to time

Google Penguin
Named on the famous flightless bird that almost dominates the southern hemisphere, Google Penguin that was released in April 2012, aimed at combating the attempts of SEO professionals that depend more on black hat SEO methods rather than using white hat SEO techniques. Yes you guessed it right; I mean keyword stuffing, content duplicity, link schemes and all the other ways that you can think of. Yet again, like Panda, Google Penguin too affected sizable chunk of search engine queries in various languages including English, Arabic, Chinese and German. Same as in the case of Panda, this algorithm too resulted in a steep sag in the website rankings of numerous users.
google panda and penguinAs a remedy, the search engine came up with a feedback form that asked the users to report the problem they have been facing since Penguin came into effect. Alongside, it also emphasized on abiding religiously by Google Webmaster’s guidelines to avoid being blacklisted post Penguin. Experts from search engine marketing field have written loads of tips related to SEO, Link building and content writing to overcome the miseries arising out of this release, if any.  Following into their footsteps, I too have some of them for you, though am not any expert but just an ordinary internet user like 90 percent of the online population who coincidentally is also a blogger. Some essential content tips may thus include:
  • Create fresh and innovative blogs 
  • Build microsites and landing pages that contain link to your main website
  • Post how-to guides, review videos etc to promote your product.
  • Use Infographics
  • Write Press releases.

google panda and penguinWell I guess, the time is ripe to shut up my mouth now as this much piece of content is enough for me to get rid of Panda and Penguin. Though it stands nowhere before the descriptive guides that can definitely teach you way better to do business over the web keeping in mind the after effects of the newly released algorithms, still at least I managed to introduce these concepts about which most of you might be unaware so far. Good bye and see you soon!

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