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US and UK English: How to Differentiate and Avoid Confusion?

Posted on the 29 April 2014 by Mohammadatif @hitechmca
US and UK English Daze is indeed damn amazing. Ever tried to avert this maze? I did. I honestly love to write English. But as I started exploring my love, I was perplexed whether I am in love with American or British English. Originally belonging to India, my love for Indian English is obvious, but unfortunately, we do not have our own Standard English format.

US and UK English


The fact that British Empire ruled us for good 200 years could be cited as a reason to say that Indians follow UK English. But that was past, at present the world and so the Indians eat, live, earn and even love to die American way They just get carried away too much I must say.
Hence, if you are a professional writer from India and have clients from both the Queen's as well as Obama's land, things are not going to be that flowery. You need to be accurate in writing as well as speaking correct US and UK English; else it would be a straight forward rejection without any second chance.    

US and UK English

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Let's Share our stint with US and UK English

Like me, if you too have faced similar problems in the past or are going through any such phase at present, feel free to share your experiences. It would be great to know how you sorted out related problems to bag the content projects, and perhaps will be a learning curve for hopefuls like me to follow. No doubt, the big bosses sitting out in their UK and US offices are hard to please, but that in no way can discourage us from proving our mettle. Am I right?

US and UK English: How to Differentiate and Avoid Confusion?

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Important links
Just to help all of us overcome this problem, here are few important links. Let’s check them out!
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There are few US –UK English Converters as well, for all of us to try:TranslatebritishUS2UK 

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