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Halloween/Sandy Update

By Advsinwtloss @advsinwtloss
Just wanted to give a heads up. Last year I ate 60 points on Halloween. This year I only ate 46. I guess I'm not doing too badly;-)
Also wanted to say we're doing fine in regards to "superstorm" Sandy. We were braced for the worst. After Irene I was really worried. The lights barely flickered, it rained a bit, it wasn't too windy, and we lost a small branch from a tree in the yard. So we fared well. Seems like Sandy is still around and still might effect our weather, but I'm not too worried.
However, I feel badly for the folks who got hit hard, particularly the folks in NYC. It hurts to see people suffer, but when it's in one of my favorite cities that just happens to be in my home state it's awful. Places I was in April and May were under 13 feet of water. I'm looking in to who might be collecting clothing locally for NYC and I'm going to donate a lot of my old "fat clothes" that I still have yet to give away. I might not find anyone, but we'll see. I strongly urge everyone to do what you can to help all of the folks affected by Sandy, even if you just give a little money to the Red Cross or Salvation Army. Every little bit counts.

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