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Halloween Sneaky Peeky!

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
  Halloween sneaky peeky! Halloween sneaky peeky!
Halloween sneaky peeky! Dream Matte Mousse - 030 sand, MUA blusher - shade 3, Collection 200 powder - 18 ivory, Maybelline expert eyes pencil - Black, MUA intense color eyeliner - Snow white, Collection 200 lipstick -1 queen of Hearts, Hedkandi lashes - Disco heaven   So for this years Halloween I'm going all out old school scary and dressing up as a Victorian porcelain doll! - I'd love to show you my costume too, but unfortunately the majority of it only got posted from Mama's house yesterday.   I'm not a major lover of pre-bought costumes, for some themes I guess its inevitable, but where possible I tend to create my own costumes from things from my own wardrobe & just accessorise. Like this year, I'm teaming a Zara vintage baby blue and cream pin striped skirt, petticoat (from my dancing days) & a white shirt from river island as the base of my costume. Throw in a black bow around the collar, some frilly socks, dolly shoes & ringlet curled hair & I think we have a pretty authentic porcelain doll!   My flat mates weren't too impressed by it mind.. Especially when I started hiding in the flat and jumping out at them!   Anyways, I got my inspiration from this video. I didn't follow it exact as you can see, I haven't been able to get hold of any putty and liquid silicone, oh & my eyes definitely need work.. But all in all my practice went pretty well! If you'd like to see my step by step just ask, but for now, here's the original video..        So what do you guys think, scary enough? & are you dressing up this year? - Don't forget to vote of my 10k giveaway poll on the right hand column!   Halloween sneaky peeky!  

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