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Halloween Nails

By Nhorsman11
Hello ladies,

Hoping you are all well. I wanted to start off by saying that NEGATIVE comments of any kind will only be deleted so please do not waste your time. I am well aware the shape of my nails used to be very yuk.. I am not trained, I am not a professional, I do not do everyone's nails to be able to practice. I do my own, once a month that is it. So when you tell me my nails are gross or disgusting in my earlier posts it only tells me how ignorant you are because they haven't been that shape in over a year. I have had them filled down professionally about 6 months ago and they still look the exact same as my $50 fill..Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion but leaving anonymous comments from almost two years ago is just hurting me for nothing. I never go to anyone's blog and Say I hate your nails.. They are too short or ugly or shaped weirdly as I find all the time. I don't. I leave positive comments or I don't leave comments at all. No one is forcing you to come here and look at my gross or disgusting nails so please MOVE ON!!!!

Thank you Rant Over!!

Anyways, I was trying to wait till Oct 1st do start with Halloween manis but totally caved last Thursday night.. lol.. I have two that I want to share today's mani.
Hope you like it too!

Halloween Nails
Halloween Nails
Halloween Nails
Halloween Nails
Thanks for dropping by!
Take care of You!


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