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Halloween Headstones DIY

By Tampster1 @tampster1
Its that time of year again when we start our Halloween decorations and planning. This year we needed to add some new grave markers and this is what we came up with.
Supplies needed: plaster of paris
                            water, bowl, and stir stick
                            pink or blue polystyrene insulation sheets. I used 1 inch and 1.2 inch sheets
                            exacto knife, box cutter, solder gun
                             black, white and brown exterior paint and paint brush
                             i used scrap lumber for my bases, as it adds a little more weight
                             a creepy face changing pic from the buck store, Mine has a frame - i just cut the image out to fit into our design.
                             liquid nails/ construction adhesive
First we started my making some plaster casting embellishments. These were made from from a dollarstore doorknocker and ice cube trays. Just mix up your plaster to the consistency of a medium batter and pour into mold that have been treated with a release agent. I used cooking spray. 
Halloween Headstones DIYHalloween Headstones DIYNow for the fun part .. deciding what our stones are going to say and look like. Carve them using whatever implement you prefer.  We used a solder gun - just make sure you carve with this outside - it is Stinky!Halloween Headstones DIYHalloween Headstones DIYHalloween Headstones DIY
We attached these to some 2 * 6 scrap wood using construction adhesive. Then paint your stone in black. Wait for it to dry and add some white and beige dry brushing, to bring out the highlights.  Halloween Headstones DIYStick them in your yard and enjoy. 

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