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Halloween - Best Dressed Zombie Family 2 Years Running

By Tampster1 @tampster1
Halloween - Best dressed zombie family 2 years runningDate night! Halloween is our most favorite time of the year. It's where we adults can dip into the tickle trunk without judgment. Lol ;) As a family we look forward to participating in our communities zombie walk and this year was no exception. If I had more time our outfits would have had a little more thought put in but with only 30 minutes and 4 people, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.  
Halloween - Best dressed zombie family 2 years runningThis little man rocked it this year with the gunshot through his eye ball. I created this effect with a paper cupcake liner, cut to size, and adhered it to his face using liquid latex. I built up the edges using latex, single ply tissue and a little fake skin to blend the edges. The inside was painted black and the outside was layers of bruising (yellow, green, red, blue) then the fake blood was dropped on and allowed to drip down his face. Fake blood was also splashed on his face. This gives the illusion of a very realistic freshly fed zombie.  We also grabbed one of the zombie babies from the yard to add to our clan.
Halloween - Best dressed zombie family 2 years runningThis event only offered hot dogs so we had to bring a plate of body parts and brains, I mean what self respecting zombie would eat lips and bums. :D   Our makeup was enough to win best dressed zombie family again this year. Yeah us!
Happy Halloween everyone.

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