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Hair Update

By Unefemme @DejaPseu

short layered haircut for fine hair

While I really liked last year’s pixie cut, I’ve been wanting something a little softer and with some movement. I’ve been letting the layers grow out a little bit. My hair is very thin and baby fine, and aging probably hasn’t helped that. So long hair isn’t an option; it just goes very flat and lank.

In a perfect world, I’d go for something like this…

short shag haircut

…but my hair has neither the volume or texture to achieve this look without a lot of “product” and a stylist to follow me around all day and fluff it back up.

So Brian went for a version of this cut that works with my hair, and I’m really pleased! We snapped a couple of quick iPhone photos in the backyard once he was done.

short layered haircut for fine hair

He cut my hair dry, and then added some lift and texture with my favorite texturizing spray. Love this stuff…it’s one of the few styling products I’ve found that doesn’t weigh down and flatten my fine hair over time.

Yes, I’m still coloring and probably will for the foreseeable future. It’s not because of the grey, but rather because my natural color is very drab. When there’s more “silver” than “dishwater,” I’ll consider taking the plunge.

To maintain my color, I use Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner (I only use the conditioner once a week, though, as my hair goes too flat otherwise.) And after washing I usually comb through a little bit of this styling treatment, which I find also adds a bit of volume and texture without weighing my hair down.

While I’ve learned over the years what does and doesn’t work for my hair, I do like to update my style from time to time. It’s so important to find a stylist who doesn’t pigeonhole us by age, and helps us look current and up-to-date. I found Brian many years ago by asking someone with a fabulous cut (whose hair type was similar to mine) where she had it done. With a new stylist, it’s a good idea to bring along pictures, and be realistic about how much day-to-day maintenance you’re willing to do. Be open to their expertise, ideas and suggestions, but also be honest about your preferences. I’ve found that the best stylists want to work in partnership with you and want you to feel fabulous when you step out of the chair.

Do you change your hairstyle periodically? How did you find your current stylist?

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