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Hair Mistake I Will Never Repeat

By Naturallychique32 @kirigoliz

Hair mistake I will never repeat

I love my hair and I have a very good relationship with it, but just like any other relationship, things do go sour sometimes. As you all know, I am a sucker for hair masks and I love to experiment, but sometimes experiments turn out to be disastrous, which is exactly what happened last night.

I ran out of conditioner last week and I haven’t had time to go get some more, so I decided to make my own conditioner in the kitchen. I mixed avocado, plain greek yogurt, honey, flour, olive oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, coconut oil and cayenne pepper oil. Now I must admit I was a little trigger happy with the cayenne pepper oil. I mixed all the cayenne pepper oil I had left because I was planning to make a new batch. The mix was amazing, it went on beautifully and smelled amazing. I shampooed my hair and slapped it on. I kept the stuff in my hair overnight, I woke up at around 6 am with a strange headache (scalp ache more like) and I knew it had to be the hair mask. I immediately washed my hair with African black soap, conditioned it and combed it as usual. My scalp felt so tender to the touch and weirdly dry. By midday I noticed I was getting scabs on my head, I was actually picking them out of my hair.

Lesson learned
After evaluating the ingredients in my mask, I think the cayenne pepper did me in this time, I love how it makes my scalp tingle but I would not leave it on too long.

What hair mistakes have you made?

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