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Haigh’s Chocolates – Australian for Chocolate

By Fashion Addicted Foodies @fashionfoodi

Chocolate Box 2 marthafied

So, yesterday was Australia Day. Hope you partied Down Under style with Aussie burgers washed down with some Fosters plus followed by lighter than light pavlova. Yum! Ok, in reality I have no clue how Aussies really celebrate Australia Day – this is just my fantasy. Plus walking down the beach in Brisbane with Jesse Spencer…

Haigh Chocolates marthafied

But let’s talk chocolate – especially Australian chocolates. I am sure I have mentioned before that I am a huge chocolate lover. I love chocolate even more than wine and believe me I love wine (in a good way). According to an Aussie friend of mine Haigh’s Chocolates are the best Australian chocolates around. And luckily for me he was visiting London last week, so I got my order of Haigh’s Chocolates just in time for Australia Day.

Chocolate Box 4 marthafied

Haigh’s chocolates are super creamy without being too sweet. One of my faves is the Caffe Latte Truffle which has a soft dark chocolate center flavoured with real coffee. It’s hand dipped firstly in dark chocolate and then swirled in milk and white chocolate. Drool…

Caffe Latte marthafied

Must – take – a bite. It truly melts in your mouth.

Bite into Caffe Latte marthafied

Dark Creme de Caffe Truffle has a liquid coffee flavoured fondant cream inside its dark chocolate cover. It’s decorated with a gold coffee bean.

Coffee Liqueur 2 marthafied

And to think that I don’t actually like dark chocolate  - usually. To me dark chocolate just tastes too bitter – most of the time. But Haigh’s dark chocolate is very smooth and not bitter at all. It’s delicious and I cannot get enough of it.

Coffee Liqueur marthafied

The Shiraz Truffle combines two of my favorite ingredients – chocolate and red wine. Too yummy to resist!

Shiraz marthafied

The fabulous Raspberry Truffle has a soft and creamy raspberry truffle center. It’s hand dipped in white chocolate and then dark chocolate. I don’t usually like berry fondant centres as most of the time they have a little bit of perfume taste and fragrance (think Strawberry or Orange Quality Street), but the Haigh’s chocolates completely lack that perfume taste. Which is fantastic and makes me love them! Their Dark Strawberry Cream is the one of best chocolates I have ever tasted.

Creme Brulee marthafied

Don’t these just look drool-a-licious? Until next time – my preciouses…. Is that a word?! No clue! The Haigh’s chocolates are so yummy and delish that I am lost for words.

Haighs Chocolates 2 marthafied

So next time you are Down Under find a Haigh’s Chocolate Shop and go get some of these amazing truffles and chocolates. I guarantee you will fall in love with them!

Chocolate Box 3 marthafied

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Photos: Marthafied

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