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Hack Golf

By Golfrefugees

During the PGA Merchandise Show, TaylorMade CEO, Mark King, made some noise with his announcement of Hack Golf.

Hack Golf is a simple idea, and online platform, to discuss ways to make the game of golf more fun for people that are taking it up, and simplifying the rules so that the beginner actually enjoys playing the game even when they struggle with it.

King posted a blogon the Hack Golf website, "Hack Golf is a method for inviting more people to contemplate the "fun" problem, and will lead to countless ideas. You can submit yours right here on this website -- just join and start thinking and typing."

The idea has been in King's head for a long time but it is finally a reality with TaylorMade pledging $5 million to a program that is simply a message board to help fans of the game drum up ideas on how to make it better, and easier, and more fun and faster.

Perhaps others can at least open up their minds to the idea that people are leaving the game because of a lot of factors and if we could just make it a tad more fun at the start, we might have a whole new group of fans to take the game on in the future.

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