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By _jessismore @_jessismore
We made it!The weekend is here! How was your week? 
On Monday, hubs and I went to our tax man to do what all responsible adults in America have to do this time of year.
The office is located next to a Chinese restaurant, and every year we treat ourselves to dinner afterwards.
This year was one for the books.
A man at the table behind us was at dinner with his "business partner" discussing a restaurant idea.
This "restaurant" was to be located at Disney World and revolve around boats.
Mind you, we were in Golden Valley, Minnesota at the time.
[Walt's Boat House... or The Boat House... serving chops and seafood...I can't remember]
We couldn't stop giggling about it, so I needed to text it all out to distract myself and remember the moment.
The man kept saying [loudly] that it was top secret.
Well, he didn't know miz Jess would put it on her blog...
We rejoined the Costco ranks to make it more affordable to eat healthy.
Lots of veggies were consumed.
Some days call for a bubble bath... and wine.
Toby does this every morning because he wants to be held like a baby.
I can't say no to that face.
And if you could, you should go visit the Wizard for a heart.
It has been snowing for 2 days.
I'm done.
The only one who likes it is Sheldon, because he can see the bunnies and squirrels better.
Have a wonderful weekend!
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