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H & M May Have A Fresh Face

By Vitadimoda @Maria_Litizia

Beyonce For H&M?

H&M; May Have A Fresh Face

Bey & Blue Ivy during a shoot in the Bahamas

Not so long ago, fresh faced Lana Del Rey was singing her heart out for H&M in her latest campaign, but now rumours have emerged that there's a new face in town and it belongs to none other than the queen of R&B and pop: Beyonce Knowles. As you might already know, this all came about when one of Bey's dancers tweeted "First day of trial in the Bahamas! H&M all set … go" - the tweet was taken down almost instantaneously of course, but once it's out there, it can't be taken back. Not really anyway.  If I'm honest, I never really got on the whole hype ride with Lana Del Rey last year but Beyonce on the other hand is hard to ignore. She's got the body, the career, the lifestyle and the family to match, I just hope for both Beyonce's sake and everyone else's that H&M start to make their clothes to real sizes and put a little room in their patterns for those of us who actually have curves. I mean, what girl likes being a size 8/10 in one store, to then being a size 20 in H&M? - exaggerated of course, but you catch my drift. What do you think of these rumours? Would you like to see Beyonce as the new face of H&M? Photo Credit: fabsugar.com

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