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Gyaros: The Mice Eat Iron – Chapter 2

Posted on the 19 February 2013 by Rohan @rohanforsale

Hello and welcome to Chapter Two of Gyaros: The Mice Eat Iron! If you missed out on Chapter One you can read it by CLICKING HERE. The Mice Eat Iron is the first book in the Gyaros trilogy which is being co written by myself and my brother Alex Healy. I will be posting the first five chapters of the book here on my blog each week until the book is out! We hope you continue to enjoy the story and look forward to the release of the full book late in March 2013. Please note that small changes may still be made to the final book before publishing. All comments and feedback are very welcome :)

WARNINGThis book is adult fiction and contains violencecourse languageadult themes and horror elements. If you find any of those offensive or disturbing you might want to avoid reading this post. Gyaros is meant to be thrilling and fun escapism, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about the adult content


Not official Gyaros artwork. Any artists interested in helping with the book cover? :)

Not official Gyaros artwork.


Chapter 2

Miles slowly opened his heavy eyelids and squinted in pain at the bright light that shone down on him from above. Miles raised his right hand to shield his eyes and in doing so caught a glimpse of the dried blood encrusted on his palm. He then turned his hand over to reveal yet more dark red blood. It looked, Miles thought to himself, as though someone had placed his hand in a tin of crimson paint and left it to dry overnight. And then suddenly it hit him, like a bolt of lightning, why his hand was red, what he had done. ‘Oh my god, I’m a murderer, I’m a God damn murderer, and everyone saw it. I killed Tyler and, and…’ A terrifying realisation suddenly dawned on Miles as he began to understand the true weight of his action. Like all serious crime on Carthage, murder was punishable by a sentence of banishment to the volatile moon world of Gyaros

‘No, no this can’t happen, I’m a normal guy, I’m a Green Districts guy, I’ve never been outside the Green Districts for God’s sake! They can’t send me to Gyaros, they just can’t!’ Miles sat up abruptly from his previous position of lying flat on his back and in doing so he let out an ear piercing screech. Miles writhed in pain and held his back at the location where The Enforcer had struck him with his rod. Slowly and painfully he managed to sit up on the padded white bench where he had awoken, and his eyes, having adjusted to the light, began to scan the room where he now found himself.

“Where am I?” he said softly to himself as he surveyed the scene. Miles was sitting on the single piece of furniture in what was an otherwise completely empty room. The bench he woke up on, and was now perched upon, protruded directly from the wall. The walls were entirely white, and appeared to be made of the same padded material as the bench. The room was featureless except for the subtle outline of what looked to be a door on the wall to Miles’ right. On the door, at about head height was a small black screen about eight inches wide and six inches high. As well as this a small white camera poked down from the center of the ceiling, it pointed directly at Miles’ face and a red light blinked just off to the left of its lens. Miles tilted left and watched as the camera mimicked his movements perfectly, never taking its focus off Miles’ face. He then leaned to the right and observed again how the camera would swivel and follow his every move.

‘Oh shit, I know what this is…’ Although Miles had never been in this kind of situation before, having never been in any kind of trouble at all until today, thanks to references in films and on visor vision Miles had a pretty good idea of what was going on. ‘This is a holding cell, I’ve seen these before. This must be The Security Department right? A-and this is where the bad guys get dragged off to when they’ve committed a crime…and, and then they get sent off to fucking Gyaros! Oh God, oh God, oh God, why is this happening to me?!’

Miles buried his face in his hands and began to weep again as his stomach knotted and churned and weakness and shaking once again took over his body. As Miles continued to cry he heard the faint sound of distant footsteps. He froze, his eyes fixed on the screen on the wall to his right, his ears straining to hear. ‘They’re getting closer,’ he thought to himself, ‘and…and it sounds like two people, at least two, there’s no way that’s a single person.’

The footsteps grew louder and louder, and drew nearer and nearer until they stopped suddenly, and what sounded like to Miles, was right outside his cell. Miles daren’t move a muscle as silence pervaded the room, his pounding heart the only sound audible to him. Sweat had been forming on his brow since the footsteps began and one or two beads were now creeping their way down his cold, pale face. Then with a loud crackle the screen flickered to life and the matte black helmet of an Enforcer could be seen on the distorted display.

“*beep*, Miles Stanton, stand before the screen *beep*,” ordered the distorted voice of The Enforcer. The terrified Miles jumped to his feet, bearing the pain in his back, and made his way to the screen to his right. Miles stood up as straight as he could considering his injuries and, too afraid to speak, awaited further instruction.

“*beep*, The boss wants a word with you *beep*,” and with that The Enforcer took a step to his left and the familiar face of The Lead Manager of The Energy Department, Candice Demour, took his place. Candice and Miles had always gotten on well, Candice was kind and fair wherever she could be, but had the strength and decisiveness required to oversee the entire workings of The Energy Department. An attractive lady in her late 40’s, Candice had straight light brown hair, dark almond shaped eyes and a thin, but not overly angular face. She possessed a famous smile that could ease just about any situation. Except for this one, Candice was not smiling today, today Candice looked tired and melancholy.

Despite the horrific circumstances he found himself in, Miles couldn’t help but feel a little relieved to see a friendly and familiar face. Candice began to speak, sorrowfully.

“Miles, I’m glad to see you’re ok. I watched the incident via the recorded camera feed, I…I don’t know what to say, I’ve never seen anything like it.” Candice’s voice began to crack but she quickly regained her composure, cleared her voice and continued, “Miles, Tyler is alive…barely.”

Miles’ heart jumped and his eyes widened.

“Tyler is alive!? Oh thank God, you can’t imagine how good that news is, my God Candice, I…I thought I was a murderer.” Miles spluttered shaking with excitement and adrenaline, “I thought that was it for me you know? Shipped off to Gyaros, never be able to see Chet grow up, never get to see Hellen again, to leave my Chet known as the son of a murderer. Oh God Candice, just…I,” Miles once again broke down and rubbed tears from his eyes.

“Yes, about that Miles, the doctors say Tyler will make it but…he won’t be the same. What you did to his face, I can’t even…” Candice trailed off then shook her head and started again, “you won’t be going to Gyaros Miles, because of me.” Miles looked up quizzically.

“Because of you? What do you mean?”

“The Areopagus wanted to shuttle you tonight but I pulled some strings. I’ve known you a long time Miles and you’re not a bad man. You wouldn’t last one second on that rock, it’s as good as a death sentence. No Miles you won’t be banished to Gyaros but…” Candice stopped suddenly and looked to the floor. Miles waited a few seconds before his patience ran out.

“But what?!” he barked.

“Miles, even I can’t keep you here, at The Energy Department. Your contract has been terminated, your benefits have been revoked and your pension credits have been allocated to be used for Tyler’s treatment, reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation. I’m sorry Miles, I know you didn’t mean to do what you did but there’s nothing I can do to keep you here,” Candice tilted her head slightly, a pained expression on her face as she witnessed the destruction of an old friend in real time before her eyes.

Miles stood there silent and motionless, his world falling apart like a train crash in slow motion. And then, while staring at the ground, in a low voice he began to speak.

“Hellen left me today, she’s been seeing Tyler without my knowledge. She messaged me to tell me that divorce proceedings had begun, and that I was no longer welcome in my house, my own damn house Candice. And now my job, Candice I’m nothing without my wife and child, I’m nothing without my work.” Miles looked up and made eye contact, “Candice I’ve built this life, ever since I can remember I’ve been building this life, you can’t take it away, this life is Miles Stanton.” Miles placed his hands either side of the screen. “Candice I don’t know what’s left when you take away my job, my wife, my child, my house. You tell me, what is left!? What the fuck is left of Miles Stanton now!?”

Miles’ still bloody hands slid down the wall lifelessly, he cut the figure of an utterly defeated man.

“I’m sorry Miles. I don’t know what’s left of you, all I know is that while you are alive on Carthage there is hope, I know that you can start again slowly. You’re a good man Miles, of all the things that changed today, that is not one of them. In time you will rise from this. But for tonight you will be escorted to a hotel where you will sleep and get cleaned up. You will be kept under Enforcer supervision to ensure that you do not try to hurt Tyler, Hellen or Chet…”

“But I would never…”

“I know that Miles but it doesn’t matter, the Areopagus’ orders are final. In the morning you will be escorted to The Department of Productivity where you will be allocated a new place of employment. You must understand that after what you did, you will not be granted permission to work in the Green Districts but if you behave, and work hard you may one day make it back up here. I’m sorry Miles, it breaks my heart to see you like this. Just get some rest tonight and take things one day at a time. I believe in you, you’re a good man Miles, a good man.”

The screen flickered and went blank. Candice’s concerned face still visible in Miles’ mind. The footsteps of Candice and The Enforcer could be heard walking away from the cell, and as they grew more distant they were replaced by a second pair of footsteps this time coming toward the cell. These new footsteps grew louder until it was apparent that they had stopped outside the cell door.

Miles who, unable or unwilling to budge, had not moved from his location in front of the door, and he jumped in fright as the locking mechanism in the door clicked suddenly. There was a loud buzz and an automated female voice could be heard saying, “Cell door 17, open.”

The pale white door slid open accompanied by a hydraulic hiss, and tucked itself into the cell wall to its left. Miles looked up to see two Enforcers clad, as always, in black. Their batons and firearms clearly visible, and extremely intimidating.

“*beep*, Are you Miles Stanton? *beep*,” asked the taller of the two Enforcers, who stood on Miles’ left.

“Yes I am,” replied Miles, wearily.

“*beep*, Please verify *beep*.” The large Enforcer held out a data pad, Miles placed his palm on the screen and waited for the scan to complete.

“Verification complete,” spoke a robotic voice from the small speaker on the data pad, “Subject: Miles Stanton. Status: Under Areopagus Custody”. The Enforcer placed the data pad in a large hip pocket and began to speak.

“*beep*, You’ll be coming with us. We will escort you to a place of accommodation in the South West Yellow District designated by the Areopagus. We will perform personal surveillance for the first night. In the morning we will escort you to The Department of Productivity where you will be designated a new employment placement *beep*.” As the taller Enforcer spoke the shorter of the two took Miles by the arm and coerced him out of the cell. The three of them began a long walk down the bright white, hallway. To his left Miles watched as they passed by cell after cell identical to the one he had awoken in just minutes ago. To his right, behind a thick pane of glass, the sparkling sight of Elissa’s night time sky line. Beams of different coloured light shot out from the tops of the city’s most prominent corporate and banking buildings, not least The Carthage Corp Headquarters. Elissa’s most striking monument was The Carthage HQ’s tall white pyramid structure, half way up which sprouted a round glass ring, which locals referred to as the donut. The ring, it was said, was to represent the unification of the entire planet, once known as Medea, under The Carthage Corporation at the end of The War of Unification sixty one years ago in which The Talos Corporation was defeated. The sun had set and the city’s complex monorail system was at full capacity as department workers made their way home to their families. ‘How long had I been knocked out?’ thought Miles as he was escorted out of The Security Department. He could see people socialising on the high rise balconies of Elissa’s most affluent Green District, Panacea, and he watched them, enviously, swim, and laugh with not a care in world.

As the trio stepped into an elevator The Enforcer continued speaking in his emotionless and distorted voice, “*beep*, all public and private data network access has been revoked until further notice. Any attempt to log in will fail and your attempt will be recorded and flagged by the chief security A.I. Your biometrics and services chip will be placed on high visibility, if you attempt to locate your wife or child you will be tracked and shuttled off world without trial. If you attempt to cross over into the Green Districts you will be tracked and shuttled off world without trial *beep*,” The Enforcer finished, and looked down toward Miles.

“*beep*, Do you understand? *beep*.”

Miles swallowed and spoke softly, “y-yes, I understand.”

The elevator doors closed suddenly and the three of them sped down the side of The Security Department building.

Miles was then escorted out the front door via the lobby, where another Enforcer handed him his brief case which felt entirely empty, and was bungled into the back seat of a sleek black Enforcement Patrol Vehicle, the door locked electronically behind him as he sat up and made himself as comfortable as he could given his situation. This was the first time Miles had seen the inside of an Enforcement Vehicle other than in the movies. This was also the first time he’d ridden in private, human controlled transport by virtue of the fact that all private vehicles were outlawed in The Public Conveyances in Relation to the Environment act of 19. Only Enforcers were sanctioned to pilot their own vehicles, and only then in official enforcement duties. No one else had owned or piloted a personal conveyance for over twenty years before Miles was even born! And so, despite the devastating circumstances, in the surreal otherworldliness of the scenario Miles found himself in, he quite enjoyed the ride, somewhat like a child. The comfortable seating, the steady rumble of the engine, combined with the hum of the optical MagLev system, left Miles feeling somewhat relaxed for the first time in twelve hours.

The vehicle sped through the city streets and made it’s way toward the entrance to the Yellow Districts which were located below The Herperides’ Garden. As they approached The Garden, The Enforcer who was driving took a sharp left, where usually you would go straight on to enjoy a day in the beautiful greenery of The Gardens. But not today. Today Miles was being taken to somewhere he’d never been before, the Yellow Districts. The road dipped down suddenly as the vehicle swept under the large concrete layer that made up the floor of The Gardens, and the ceiling of the Yellow Districts. Miles was now speeding down an empty tunnel, the yellow lights overhead creating a pulsating pattern as their glow penetrated through the tinted windows. All was quiet inside the vehicle, The Enforcer’s did not speak, and the only sound other than the vehicle itself was the intermittent crackle of dispatch over The Enforcer’s shoulder mounted radios.

And then the vehicle slowed, they were approaching a checkpoint. The whole thing appeared to be automated as there was no one else in sight. As they slowly drove through the checkpoint the vehicle and its passengers were scanned by a large red beam that slowly swept over them once and then a second time, reading their biometrics. After a moment the beam changed in color to bright green and The Enforcer piloting once again picked up speed.

Another couple of minutes passed in the tunnel and then the pulsating yellow lights gave way to open streets and heavy rain. They had entered the Yellow Districts. Miles pressed his face to the glass and peered out the window in trepidation, anxiously he studied his new and unfamiliar surroundings. He had read about the Yellow Districts, and of course had been filing Energy Consumption Reports on them for years, but he’d never actually seen them before. He’d heard about the never ending rain, the artificial light, the crime and the violence and he was terrified.

‘Candice said if I take my time and work my way back I can make it to the Green Districts again. This is not where I belong, and I’ll be doing everything in my God damn power to get the hell out of here as soon as I can,’ Miles thought to himself, gritting his teeth. ‘A man treats me like shit, steals my wife and family, loses me my job and I’m the one who gets sent to this shit hole?! This isn’t right, I won’t stand for it.’

Miles watched as hundreds of people wandered the shimmering, soaking wet streets of the South West Yellow District. One would never witness such congestion and chaos on the high street of the Green Shopping District. An old man bent with age with slanted eyes and a wispy white beard held a paper parasol above his head and what looked like a sack of rice over his shoulder, street children ran off with a stolen loaf of bread and were chased impotently by a limping man, speaking some foreign language. Miles’ mind boggled as scantily clad attractive ladies simply stood there in the rain, umbrellas in hand, apparently waiting for something. A man walked up and greeted one of the ladies, Miles watched as the beautiful woman placed her arm in his and walked away with him. ‘Waiting for a date, I guess,’ Miles mused naively.

He looked as far up to the ceiling as the window would allow and thought to himself, ‘I’m going to need an umbrella.’ The Yellow Districts, being located directly below The Herperides’ Garden were subject to the significant runoff of water required to keep The Gardens lush and verdant, thus the never ending downpour experienced by the residents of the Yellow Districts. There was no weather to speak of here, only the constant rain, and the artificial day and night cycles provided by the high powered lighting system attached to the ceiling, five hundred metres above the ground. The lights provided the basic human requirement of vitamin D via the inclusion of an ultra violet light radiation module, yet the people of the Yellow Districts remained under nourished in most regards due to a lack of fresh food, vegetation and true weather conditions. Everything in the Yellow Districts, from the oxygen, to the food, water, building supplies and technology was either recycled waste or a by-product not needed by the Green Districts. Life was hard down here, and especially at night, when the artificial lights were in the night phase and a low, red hue spread over everything like a crimson silk sheet.

And then The Enforcement Patrol Vehicle came to a stop. Miles looked out the front window to see a large neon sign spelling the word, “Mo_el”, presumably it was meant to read Motel, but it looked like it had seen better days, the sign and the establishment itself.

“*beep*, This is where you get off *beep*,” the taller Enforcer said turning to face Miles through the cage that separated the front and back.

“*beep*, We’ll be here all night so go rest, you’ve got a big day ahead of you tomorrow boy, it’s gonna be like your first day at school *beep*,” the two Enforcers laughed cynically as Miles clenched his fists angrily. A click was heard meaning Miles’ door was now unlocked, he went to open it when the taller Enforcer stopped him.

“*beep*, Hey, one more thing. They thought you might try to contact your kid through his school, well I was told to tell you that your wife put the kid in another school. Even if you wanted to see him you’ll never find him *beep*.” Miles scrunched his face up, he knew that without access to the public data network he’d never be able to find out which school Chet had been transferred to, let alone make a call.

“*beep*, So why don’t you get a good night’s sleep and take it easy, be a good boy and get used to your new life and don’t cause any trouble for us. Sweet dreams *beep*,” The Enforcers laughed again, but by this time Miles had been insulted enough, he swung the door open, stood up into the pouring rain and began making his way to the motel entrance.

“*beep*, Hey, you’re room number 63, 6th floor! *beep*,” shouted the shorter of the two Enforcers from the car. Miles looked back in begrudging acknowledgment and made his way to the front door, where he stood impatiently.

“*beep*, You’ve got to push it! *beep*,” the shorter Enforcer yelled, both of them audibly laughing now. Miles reached out his right hand and pushed the door. It opened. Miles had never pushed a door open in his life, this was a new, and humiliating experience.

He stumbled into the reception area dripping wet, and was greeted by the manager, an older dark skinned man with curly white hair.

“Head on up, I know who you are and why you’re here. We don’t want any trouble. There’s a hot shower, a bed and a clean set of clothes for you in your room. Have a pleasant stay Mr Stanton,” said the manager in his deep, gruff voice. Miles nodded in acknowledgment and made his way to room 63.

After a short elevator ride, Miles was standing in front of his door, he placed his right hand on the panel on the door, it beeped, the lock clicked, and for the second time today, he pushed open a door. The room was small but tidy, not what Miles was used to, but not nearly as bad as the stories he’d heard about the Yellow Districts. After closing the door and activating the lights, Miles immediately began to undress and run the shower. He stepped into the hot stream of running water and once again felt the pain of his injuries, and the stiffness of his muscles. A whirlpool of red water spiralled down the drain as Miles finally washed Tyler’s coagulated blood from his hands and face. What a difference twenty four hours makes. He looked up at the digital clock that hung from the bathroom wall, last night at 21:06 he kissed Chet goodnight and slipped into bed with his already sleeping wife, looking forward to another week’s work. Tonight he washed another man’s blood from his hands in a dingy motel in the Yellow Districts, while Enforcers stood guard outside. No wife, no son, no job, no hope.

Having cleaned himself thoroughly, Miles grabbed a soft towel off the rack and dried himself. Rummaging through the dresser drawers he found a clean set of underwear which he clothed himself with before crawling exhausted into bed. As he lay there he looked up at the big red lines that streaked across the roof as the artificial night time lights broke through the steel venetian style shutters. He closed his eyes and heard the sound of an active city alive with people. ‘How does anyone get any sleep with that kind of noise?’ But before he could finish the thought, Miles drifted off to a deep slumber.


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