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Guy’s Don’t Show Emotion In Public Because They Will Get Their Asses Kicked. Optional)

By Kelly Speechless @KellySpeechless

Women Are More Emotional Than Men.

Women Are Also Allowed To Be Emotional.Guy’s get a bad rap sometimes when they don’t deserve it and in this case it reflects that sense in a way. Men are brought up to be, “the man.” If he does not conform to society, or their peers current view of a man than they face some consequences. Not fitting in sucks, and we all know how bad it can feel. If I was a guy, I cannot not honestly say that I would not say things just because it made me fit in even if I didn’t beleive in the message.

Testosterone Fear Factor Living.

Cause A Spoon Full Of Sugar Helps The Testosterone Go Down…

Men have been almost trained or gotten used to holding in emotion but that doesn’t make it anymore unnatural. Testosterone mixed with emotion bridling can make anyone snap! As women we cry and express emotion so loosly that we do sometimes when we are bored. Well I do anyway! We don’t have testosterone, or a social stigma attached to our emotion. Guy’s have an extra layer of crazy shit turbo hormone/crack head superman aka (testosterone), and an UN natural inclination to hold in emotion while still fighting their “human,” nature not to do so. 

If Kelly Was A Guy Named Kelly…

I don’t blame them for wanting to conform to what allowed them to fit in and be apart of their male peers development. If I was a guy I would do the same. It’s not fair though because the sex that shouldn’t have to hold in emotion out of men and women – would be men. Men have testosterone and not only have to suppress emotion (learned or not) they have to do it with an extra obstacle against them that women don’t have. I can only imagine how I would be as a guy! Yikes! Asshole capital of the world would be floating above my head. If I was able to have something stronger in my body hormonally, and not be allowed to show emotion at the same time? I would be a mess. Way worse than I am now and that if fucking scary. 

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