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Guest Posts For Mummy Bloggers; Deceptive Advertising Tricks?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

business blogging using a blog to generate business 8 23 2012 Guest Posts For Mummy Bloggers; Deceptive Advertising Tricks?

I receive many guest posts, many from people who at the start lie to me, they inform me they are a young writer trying to build a writing portfolio, they send me their post and yes there it is clear as day an advertising text link.

They believe by writing a guest post for me I will give them a free backlink to their business or advertising page and while I have to date always accepted these, as I thought I was helping, I am now beginning to believe they are being deceitful.

The other worry is how many other bloggers is this company targeting with similar guest posts?

Should any links we add to our blog, that are purely there for advertising purposes be charged by the blogger, should we also insist that these links are made into nofollow ones? Is the link added value to my blog or is it a great way for smaller business to reach potential customers?

“But I am offering you a unique valuable guest post”

But I would be advertising your business to the x amount of blog readers I receive monthly?

What if the guest post was of poor quality? Would you still be expected to upload it to your blog if they had paid you too? Where do you draw the line?

The thing that most annoys me with these guest posts is the writer has not even taken the time to find out what my name is and starts the email with ; Dear Madame or some other starting title, if you don’t know my name then I am guessing you have no real idea what my blog is about.

Where do you stand with advertising links in guest posts?

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