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Guest Post – Top 7 Self-Improvement Myths!

By Rohan @rohanforsale

Hey guys, Rohan here! I have four excellent guest posts to share with you over the coming days and weeks on a great variety of subjects :) Today we are kicking things off with an article by Paul Smith on the myths and stumbling blocks many of us encounter when taking a personal development approach to our lives! Take it away Paul…

Top 7 Self-Improvement Myths

For those who take their first steps on the track of self-improvement, it can be difficult to see things the way they really are. Many of us make the same mistakes when it comes to self-improvement. There are some common misunderstandings in all this positive psychology as well as a huge number of people who think they are true. I have prepared for you several points we sometimes stumble on. The faster you realize them, the faster your further self-improvement efforts will pay off!

1. The more self-development books I read the better - Some people tend to see the self-development literature as to the medicine to cure all life’s problems. And when they read one book, they think something like, “I’m going to read one more book, and then one more…” But the neat thing is it’s not the book that makes real changes in your life. It’s you who does that. And if you only read very positive books and restrict yourself to only positive thinking while sitting on the coach, you’re bound to find yourself one day thinking something like “All this positive stuff is not working for me”.

2. I will start meditating (thinking positively, reading books every evening) tomorrow - And today you’re going to watch the TV and argue with your neighbours, right? So, don’t be surprised that soon you’ll feel uninterested and give all the good stuff up. In other words, personal development shouldn’t be something you force yourself to do. Sometimes it comes from not realizing the fact that this is your life and it should be your inner desire to make it better.

3. It takes extra efforts and the result is not guaranteed - Sure, any changes you make in your life are painful. And the more radical the changes are the bigger discomfort you will feel at the beginning. It’s also important to remember that the personal development is not to be done in a stop-start fashion. It should be done regularly, and then you’ll see the results, that’s for sure.

4. I need more money - This is the thing almost everyone stumbles upon. The fact is when your wish is money, it’s unlikely ever come true. Why? It’s because your real wish is not money but something you can buy for it, right? Money itself is a pretty useless thing. But if, using it, you can buy a brand-new car you want, or to travel to the Caribbean islands, these things do have value. So, don’t think and don’t dream about money, dream about the things and pleasures they can bring you.

5. I don’t have money for buying books and paying coaches - This is not an excuse at all to prevent development. On the internet you can find really everything concerning self-development in all life spheres – all blogs, articles and free giveaways are to your service. Even the free sources contain enough information to make you completely change your life. Your task is only to use it right.

6. It helps only for a short time, and then the old problems come back - Some people attend the training and watch an inspiring movie and experience real changes in their everyday lives. But then they notice that everything disappeared. In fact, personal development will always work for you – but only if you will work for it all the time. Not once or twice a week, but every single day.

7. My life is ok, I don’t need any self-help - Some of us tend to think that if your life is comparatively stable and is satisfying you, then you have no reasons to improve. It’s a common misunderstanding. Nobody is perfect and nothing else is either. So I bet you have at least several points you’re dissatisfied with. So, why not to work at them? Your life is good now, but it can become wonderful!

About the author: Paul Smith is a professional writer. He has travelled a lot, met different people and has a lot to share. He enjoys writing about business, personal improvement and health. Paul also works as a freelancer for He can be contacted on Google+.

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