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Guest Post: Summer Must Haves

By Hayley Adams @hayleybethadams

Summer is here - woo! I didn't even realised I had some Summer Favourites until I thought about the products I've been going to constantly now the weather is a bit warmer and I figured that this guest post for Hayley was a fab way to show you them all! I've included everything from lips to hair and I've been using some of these products for months, and some only a couple of weeks. I hope you can learn a little bit about me from my choices!

NIVEA IN-SHOWER BODY MOISTURISER: I saw this advertised on tv and I, maybe naively, hadn't heard of anything like it before! So purely due to this fact I went out and bought it. I actually bought it in a Co-op but you can get it in almost any high street store that sells toiletries. You apply it after shower gel, just as you would moisturiser, although to wet skin. You then rinse it off and get out the shower as normal etc. It leaves your skin feeling far softer than only using shower gel or body wash. I have really dry legs - even more so in hot weather - so this is particularly good for those areas. It smells wonderful too.
TRESEMME DEEP CLEANSING SHAMPOO: I suffer from greasy-ish hair as I fiddle with my bangs and parting a lot and in the summer, when I sweat, it just gets even worse. I can wash my hair in a morning and by the evening it's got little greasy areas! However, I've found that this shampoo really helps. It is VERY deep cleansing so I wouldn't recommend it if you have dyed hair (my mom wasn't too happy after using it on her dyed chocolate hair...) but if you suffer from oily roots too then this is the shampoo for you! It doesn't leave my hair dry but it doesn't leave it all limp and product-filled either. 
THE BODY SHOP LOVE ETC BODY BUTTER: I had a mega browse of the Body Shop sale the other week and this is one of the things I came away with, at a bargain price of £5! I love the Love Etc... range as it smells beautiful so this was an obvious scent for me to choose. The Body Shop body butters are glorious. This has been a god send for me over the past week as I've been a victim of major sun burn. But thanks to this there have been no blisters and the soreness was eased!
NAILS INC 3D GLITTER IN MARYLEBONE: I just love this glitter. You can build up a solid glitter color with 2 coats and it's just so sparkly and cute. I just love it. Great with pinks for the ring finger trend.
BAREMINERALS READY FOUNDATION: A mineral powder foundation is perfect for the summer if you want a color on your face but don't want to clog your pores too heavily. It is such a sheer foundation to say that it is a powder and it's coverage is really good. I actually reviewed this foundation on my blog!
SAMPAR PARIS EQUILIZING FOAM PEEL: I was given this sample at the Meadowhall Girls Night In and I had never heard of Sampar before then. This product literally strips your skin of impurities without leaving it too dry. It clears pores and leaves your skin feeling so so soft. I apply it once a week as a bit of a mask just before I shower, washing it off as soon get in the shower, after having had it on for a few minutes. As you apply it, it is a gel and it foams up as you add water. It has a gorgeous eucalyptus scent which adds to it's fresh feel. 
JILL STEIN LIP SALVE: I bought this last week whilst on holiday in Cornwall from Rick Stein's shop. I chose Pomegranate and Smearmint. It smells really minty yet you can sort of smell the pomegranate scent hiding behind it. It basically sinks into your lips, giving them moisture and not leaving them feeling all sticky like vaseline can do. I love my vaseline but for £3.00 this is my new favorite.
BOBBI BROWN HYDRATING FACE CREAM: Another freebie from the Girls Night In. Such a fantastic moisturiser and a perfect base for make up. It is thick enough to be a cream but it soaks in more like a lotion. Much like the lip salve it sinks in quickly and leaves a soft feeling behind. It isn't greasy or oily in the slightest - a very light cream. Perfect in the hotter weather.
And that's that! I hope you've enjoyed reading and if you fancy reading some more then please visit my blog at and follow me on twitter at @stephsvoice!
Lots of love, lovelies!Steph xx

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