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Guest Post: Holistic Healing For Rheumatoid Arthritis!

By Rohan @rohanforsale

For today’s guest post I welcome healthcare worker Tammy Mahan. She’s here today to share some very good info for those suffering rheumatoid arthritis and those who know people who are. Enjoy :)

Holistic Healing for RA

17128_8187_5Holistic approaches to healing can be the key to recovering and regaining health when you have rheumatoid arthritis. The difference between getting increasingly sicker or getting better can be the difference a natural approach to treatment makes. There is more attention being paid to holistic or natural health care as dissatisfaction with mainstream medicine increases.

Natural healing methods existed long before mainstream medicine and actually treat the cause of the disease instead of the symptoms of the disease. Those with RA can benefit from holistic healing because it facilitates the ability to heal by increasing the body’s strength. There has to be a desire to get well and a commitment to treat the entire body through natural methods instead of prescription drugs.

Holistic healing for RA requires that you make a commitment to getting well and the desire to recover has to be a strong one. You have to believe that recovery is possible; there are those that stay ill because they think it serves a need. There is a need to break lifelong habits and do whatever it takes to restore your health when you take a holistic approach to healing.

You have to understand RA for the holistic healing methods to work, knowledge gives you power over the disease. This will also allow you to make informed decisions about the course of treatment. Holistic treatment requires that you perform research to determine the best solution for yourself.

There is no need for prescription medication to treat RA; it is simply an imbalance that creates warning signals in the form of symptoms. The restoration of the body’s delicate balance begins when we use the signals to determine what the problem is and start the healing process. The toxins in the body have to be removed and replaced with the things that the body needs in order to allow it to heal itself.

Holistic treatments for RA pinpoint the cause and allow you to exam the picture as a whole instead of merely parts of it. RA results from gastrointestinal issues, which can be the result of faulty gastrointestinal tracts that only allow for partial digestion of food and let other things seep into the bloodstream. The reaction known as “leaky gut syndrome” causes an autoimmune response to occur which results in the body attacking itself. RA attacks the joints meaning that toxic drugs and steroids are not the answer to treating RA.

healedLeaky gut is a common imbalance that people with arthritis suffer from. Healthy natural foods can result in problems when intolerance to them is present. Holistic healing for RA requires a diet of natural, whole foods and the identification of foods that you cannot tolerate.

Changing eating habits, natural herbs and supplements can go a long way toward healing RA. Natural anti-inflammatories include:

  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Echinacea
  • Aloe Vera (also relieves pain)

There are a number of holistic remedies for RA treatment; alternating your lifestyle, determining the cause of symptoms and using natural herbs and supplements to treat the symptoms can aid in the healing of RA holistically.

Tammy Mahan has worked in the healthcare field for over 20 years. She often shares her knowledge by articles for Healthline.Com.

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