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Guest Post by Lisa: Oh, The Joy of Your Kid’s Birthday Party

By Legosneggos @LegosnEggos

Guest Post by Lisa: Oh, The Joy of Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Having 3 kids and a husband means that there are 5 birthdays parties to plan in our house.  Though this can get hectic, the days of throwing kids parties will eventually pass and the memories are all that will be left.  When we decided to have kids we just went for it, stair step style, boom-boom-boom. So there are only so many years we’ll have kids in the house for whom to buy Super Mario party supplies, racecar cake molds and princess party favors.

Every time one of their birthdays approaches, I remind myself that it is not just another event to plan, police, and clean up, but rather a time to see my child truly enjoying themself.  Obviously, none of them are only children and have thus been afflicted with the kind of childhood that involves sharing and diplomacy. But on this day alone, they get to be the center of attention.  Here are a couple of things I’ve learned over the years about throwing birthday parties to maximize fun and minimize chaos:

  • Intimate guest list.  It’s not the size of the crowd that makes them feel special, but the fact that they are the center of the crowd. This is easier to do with a few close friends.
  • Simple eats.  No need to get crazy with a fancy menu, just keep it simple and crowd pleasing.
  • Easy set up equals easy tear down.  Slip and slides and water sprinklers had to have been invented by a mom who didn’t like cleaning up major messes.  Renting a Moonwalk is also nice, because the company you hire will take care of everything.
  • Decorations are festive, but they don’t make the party.  A roll of streamers, a big poster board sign and colorful napkins are the bare minimum, and it is totally acceptable to go this route.  Make a big deal out of the cake and the party favors, but don’t worry too much about matching tablecloths and putting up major decorations.

Kids don’t notice the lack of streamers as much as they notice the stress of parents.  So, in my experience, it is more important to be carefree around my kids at their party than strung out on planning and having things done perfectly.

This is a guest post by Lisa of, where they have all kinds of fun ideas and supplies for children, teens, and family parties.  Her store is located at 118 2nd St. FL 2, San Francisco, CA 94105.  Drop by if you are in the area, or contact Lisa if you ever need help with party supplies, decorations, costumes, and even advice.  And tell her M at LegosnEggos’ blog sent you!

Thanks for all the helpful tips, Lisa!

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By Desh Bandhu
posted on 02 March at 21:31

Your kid's birthday is not only a thing of joy to you but also for your kids. They really love their birthday and the gifts they wait for and they get on their birthday are also unforgettable for them.