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Guest Post: A Beauty Boost from BeSwitched Witch

Posted on the 05 January 2012 by Thetravelingreader @travelingreadr

Hi, everyone! :)

This is the fourth day of the BeSwitched Blog Tour and have I got the surprise for all of you. Today, the fabulous Molly Snow is guest posting for us with some beauty tips from the much anticipated BeSwitched Witch. Take it away, Molly!


When Surla switches bodies with her bombastic witch Idis in BeSwitched Witch, she receives a drastic makeover. In honor of all “blah” or “bad hair” days, here is a scene from my book. Girls, it can’t get as bad as this:

Surla enjoyed her manicure, chatting with Patty and Cathy, but when it came time for pedicures, she hesitated. “I feel like apologizing for my feet, before we start,” she said, sitting down in front of the foot bath.

“Oh, honey, I am sure it’s okay. I have seen it all,” Patty coaxed.

Surla cringed when she noticed the jeans from her best friend’s closet were short on her long legs, exposing flaming red hairy ankles when she sat. She grunted as she yanked to remove her shoes, having curled her toes to fit in them in the first place. She gasped in embarrassment when she saw thick, yellow toenails already poked holes through her socks.

Patty’s smile quickly disappeared. “Okay, honey. I think I need some back up.”

I grew up thinking I was too tall, too skinny, my hair was too big… I should have concentrated on the benefits: I could reach things others couldn’t, I could eat as much as I wanted and my hair kept me warm. LOL. Seriously, though, I think there is so much beauty in things we put down. I talked with a modeling coach once who had a group of girls tell her what they didn’t like about themselves. The woman then told the girls the upside to everything they put down. One girl said she didn’t like her legs, and the coach replied, “Do they go all the way down to the ground?” What a lesson.

BeSwitched Witch also teaches a deeper lesson on beauty that is emphasized at the end. Tell me, when do you feel most beautiful?

Thank you for having me, Mauie!


Thanks for that eye-opener, Molly! I’m sure plenty of us girls (me included) wish to be prettier, taller, thinner or smarter. It’s great to be reminded sometimes that we are already the personifications of awesomeness. We just have to dig deeper into ourselves to find that charm button. To answer your question, I feel most beautiful when I’m happy or whenever The Dude gives me that wink. ;)

And because Molly Snow is not only an awesome author, she’s also a very generous person. That’s why she’s giving away signed copies of BeSwitched and BeSwitched Witch. Plus, if you get super lucky, you might take home the blog tour grand prize of a Kindle Wi-Fi. Woohoo! This is open to everyone so click on the link to get to the giveaway page.

Guest Post: A Beauty Boost from BeSwitched Witch

For more of Surla’s adventures in the BeSwitched Series, follow the blog tour here. The links are located on the left panel. :)

Guest Post: A Beauty Boost from BeSwitched Witch
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