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Guest Post: 7 Useful Habits That Can Change Your Life

By Rohan @rohanforsale

Hi guys, today I’d like to welcome back guest poster Paul Smith. Paul contributed the excellent Top 7 Self Improvement Myths right here a few weeks ago and now he’s back with another helpful post! Check it out ;)


Our minds become actions, our actions form our everyday habits. And the habits, in their turn, deeply effect our whole life and determine its quality. That’s why if something goes wrong in your life, maybe, it’s time to form new habits which will work for you and construct new lines of behavior leading you to success and happiness!

All big things started small, so if you want to achieve the success in any sphere or simply to gain inner peace and feel better, try developing some of these habits. You’ll soon realize that your life has improved.

1. Get up earlier. It’s proven that in the morning hours we are more productive. With these early rises, you’ll have a valuable time reserve for doing important things by the time the others just got out of their beds!

good-habits-bad-habits2. Create a morning routine. Make a list of actions that will start your day and repeat them every morning. This will benefit you in several ways. Firstly, you won’t rush around your home trying to remember what to do and forgetting something all the time. Secondly, you’ll find the reserve for doing something you didn’t find time to do before – such as exercising or planning your day.

3. Use your commuting time for meditation. If you don’t drive, it’s a great idea to turn this irritating routine into an extremely useful action of self-help. This will help you to retain peace of mind and you’ll learn to understand yourself on a deeper level.

4. Drink 6 glasses of water a day, or even more. Drinking enough water has a very deep impact on our body. It helps to get rid of toxins and boosts metabolism. Water also affects the way we look. So, in order to feel full of energy and healthier, don’t neglect this simple ritual.

5.  Stop depending so much on your electronic devices. Our world is packed with these high-tech gadgets and we cannot imagine ourselves without them. But the fact is we don’t need them so often. Whatever is said, we mostly use all internet enabled devices to kill our time. Refuse the habit of checking social media updates or play your favorite game every minute. Stop wasting the evenings surfing the web with no purpose and you’ll be surprised at how much free time you’ll gain.

6. Set your goals. In career, hobby, relationships – everywhere. When you moan that nothing changes in your life and nothing goes on, did you think that it’s probably because you don’t set the right goals and don’t know how to start? When you know what you want, it’s easier to find resources to achieve it.

7. Form the right attitude to failures. That’s something many people really stumble upon. Some of us never win because they refuse to lose. Remember that the failure is not a disaster, it’s a precious experience that will help you to win the next time. With an attitude like this, you will never lose but will always gain!


About the author: Paul Smith is a writer of best custom essay. He enjoys writing guest posts on the topics of business, social media, self-development and health. Paul can be contacted at Google+.

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