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Guest Blogging Today at ROMANCE UNIVERSITY

Posted on the 12 December 2011 by Authoremerylee @authoremerylee

Good morning, RU! Today, I’d like to welcome fellow Sourcebooks author Emery Lee to the classroom. I first met Emery, not through our mutual publisher, but through her fabulous Goodreads forum. Emery is here to talk about the many ways in which authors can connect with readers.  Emery, the class is yours!

Guest blogging today at ROMANCE UNIVERSITY

You are brimming with hope, joy and anticipation. Your beautiful shiny new novel, the work of your blood (if you count paper cuts), sweat, and tears is about to launch  – into the vast sea of a gazillion other beautiful shiny new novels – many by authors far better known, with many more books under their belts.

The image is both daunting and dismaying. With thousands of authors and tens of thousands of books being released each year, the good news is that the popularity of romantic fiction continues to grow. An estimated 74.8 million people read at least one romance novel per year according to a 2008 RWA Reader Survey. Furthermore, projected romance sales are estimated to exceed $1.3 billion this year. But with over 8,000 traditionally published romance titles released last year, in addition to the recent glut of self-pubbed books, how can we “newbies” avoid drowning in this tsunami?


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