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Guerlain Fall 2013 Collection - Violette De Madame

By Neerajnavare

Guerlain Fall 2013 Collection - Violette De Madame

I just didn't have the patience to wait for the Guerlain Press Release to come (which I know would never come to me..LOL) and just did some copying pasting to get into the Guerlain's Fall 2013 collection which shall be officially launched in India in a couple of days. Although I may not get any PR Samples to review (and save the obligation), I shall be getting a preview of this collection and then me and Prerna would literally buy everything that is nice and is worth taking....

So lets have a sneak peak at what all is coming............I shall be able to give the prices only when informed. Guerlain introduces its exclusive Fall 2013 Voilette de Madame collection, composed to make every woman irresistible, expressing her seduction and personality with style and femininity. Madame’s ultimate accessory, the veil, is the inspiration for this season’s collection. Like Madame herself, the veil gives only small glimpses into a woman’s mysterious world. And as Madame unveils herself, her secrets come to light.

Guerlain Fall 2013 Voilette de Madame Collection

Guerlain 4-Colours Blush – New & Limited Edition Guerlain’s newest blush encompasses 4 luminous colors: raspberry, pale pink, beige and coral, which work together to illuminate and highlight, leaving a velvety finish. Madame Rougit comes enclosed in a lacquered black box with a magnetic closure, and slips into an elegant suedette pouch with coral topstitching. Guerlain Fall 2013 Collection - Violette De Madame Lipstick Rouge G – Limited Edition Rouge G de Guerlain captures the quintessence of luxury. With a simple click, the case reveals a mirror and a lipstick nestled within. An exceptional, fabulously chic accessory, Rouge G surpasses mere beauty. The ruby formula gives lips a vibrant luminosity with highly concentrated pigmentation for intense color. Perfectly paired with Guerlain’s matching Gloss d’Enfer counterpart, Rouge G’s new Fall shades are enclosed in a limited-edition case adorned in a screen-printed dotted Swiss veil. Guerlain Fall 2013 Collection - Violette De Madame
  • #860 Madame Batifole – bright fuchsia
  • #861 Madame Flirte – pink red
  • #862 Madame Reve – deep pink
Lip Gloss D’Enfer- New Shades Gloss d’Enfer Maxi Shine glosses guarantee lips a shimmering, radiant and plumping finish. Lightweight and instantly eye-catching, Maxi Shine offers tailor-made effects for a devastatingly angelic smile. Guerlain Fall 2013 Collection - Violette De Madame
  • #860 Madame Batifole – shimmery fuchsia
  • #861 Madame Flirte – shimmery red
  • #863 Madame Fascine – deep plum
Nail Lacquer – New Shade Guerlain’s nail lacquers are indispensable allies for accomplished femininity. These ultra-vibrant shades incorporate adhesive resins to offer a perfectly even sheen that lasts for days.
  • #860 Madame Batifole – fuchsia
L’Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eyeshadow – New Guerlain’s new duo eye shadows are the perfect accessory for creating statement looks. Inside the slender gold case are 2 stunning colors—one a pure color and one a luminous veil. The pure color shadows are matte and intense, gliding on to create instant effect. The other serves as a veil, a sparkly or metallic texture that can add a layer of dazzling radiance. Guerlain Fall 2013 Collection - Violette De Madame Guerlain Fall 2013 Collection - Violette De Madame
  • #01 Two Rock - Dazzling green and black
  • #02 Two Stylish -  Deep blue and metallic grey
  • #03 Two Extravagant - Chocolate brown and zesty green
  • #04 Two Gossip - Plum and baroque gold
  • #05 Two Candy - Soft white and sparkling pink
  • #06 Two Parisian -  Intense black and powder pink
  • #07 Two Lovely - Soft gray and aquamarine
  • #08 Two Spicy -  Ebony brown and spicy coral
Eye Pencil Guerlain’s new retractable eye pencils transform eyes in an instant. The pencil’s clever combination of smooth waxes, luminous polymers and intense pigmentation allow it to create the perfect eye contour. Long-lasting, non-transferable and water-resistant, Guerlain’s eye pencil is amendable to every occasion. Guerlain Fall 2013 Collection - Violette De Madame
  • #01 Black Jack
  • #02 Jackie Brown
  • #03 Deep Purple
  • #04 Katy Navy
  • #05 Amber Silver
Pictures and information Courtesy - Temptalia, Chicprofile

I have some favorites in the collection although the blush looks like a collector's item. I can only speak about it when I see it on the counters. I am very very excited about this collection and I hope so are you.

Till then,


Guerlain Fall 2013 Collection - Violette De Madame

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