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Grumpy-scary-monstrous Maren!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Happy weekend! Are you as excited as I am? I’d bet, probably.

I’m about to do something against my better judgement…


This is what I looked like this morning when my alarm went off…

Yep. That’s me in all my sleepy glory folks. I’d say I need a few more hours of beauty sleep. Or a life time of beauty sleep.


Yesterday was BBQ Friday! I totally switched it up and had a tri-tip sandwich with potato salad instead of my usual brisket. Don’t I live super dangerously.

OMG the tri-tip was bomb (dot) com!!! It was greasy, and juicy, and melty in my mouth tasty. Holy toledo I just drooled all over my keyboard. I’m sure drool and technology don’t mix…


Do you want to guess what’s at the bottom of that very normal looking brown paper bag?!?!?!



A white chocolate chip cranberry cookie. Make that a HUGE cookie because it was bigger than my face! I tried to take a picture to prove to you it’s hulk-a-rific size but when cookies get that close to my mouth they have a tendency to disappear.

So last night I did my usual oh I’m not going to the gym today… I’m too tired. BLAH BLAH BLAH!

I ended up hitting the cybex at 9pm for a full hour of elliptical joy! I burnt exactly 770 calories (which my OCD tendencies LOVE).

Back to today… I was up bright and early (for Saturday) at 7am for work! We’re getting crackin’ on all that trade show booth printing and assembling.

Luckily my Dad knows that his daughter becomes scary-grumpy-monstrous Maren if she has to wake up early and isn’t immediately handed a delicious breakfast burrito.


Haha! SCORE!


Mug-o-joe on the side



Now I’m at the office, test printing wood samples to approve the wood we’ve selected for the booth. Fun stuff (that was sarcasm, bazinga!)


And of course more coffee…


Tell me about you!! I want to know…

What are you doing this saturday??


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