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By Lakota @FHCShopping
Hi folks, sorry I've been a bit quiet so far this month. Some real life stuff of various kinds has been keeping me busy, one of which is wishing all kinds of doom on the person who pulled out of our house moving chain the day before we were supposed to exchange contracts. Really, thanks for that. We didn't need any of that money, or the have anything better to do with the last 6 months of our lives. If it wasn't for the annoyingly prevalent American usage of the term 'a lego' - I'd be tempted to spend my evenings making this, and then send it to her as a parting gift. Every evil lair needs cross-stitch on its wall.
Grrr.Pattern available on Etsy
Maybe I should just continue making the Voodoo pincushion doll found here on Indie Spotting.
Grrr.Aw, he's kind of cute isn't he?
Or perhaps I should just channel my rage into a few blog posts. I'm sure there must be something else that's annoyed me recently. [For thrilling updates on my mood swings, see Facebook.]
Anyway, you're all lovely. I shall be visiting your blogs and catching up soon. Just don't be posting about your new house.
Lakota x

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