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Growing up with Computers and Gadgets.

Posted on the 01 December 2011 by Vandanan @vandanan_m

I'll begin with the fact that my parents were indeed wise so as to let me use the film camera of those days, and all the gadgets they had.
When I was in KG, they got a loan of about 1 lac,only to buy me a computer. Those days, the pentium 3 white PC was amazing. Not only that they had bought a PC for me, they also let me use it.
My father taught me the basics of Windows (no macs in India then!) like the start menu, delete, etc. From that day onwards, i have been exploring the possibilities of what one can do with a computer. I taught myself to play games, PowerPoint, Movie maker, and other small tweaks and stuff.
I'm very grateful to them, and will always will be.
When it comes to letting children using PCs, people may have different opinions. I strongly argue that children, must be allowed to use computers, under supervision, or they'll end up deleting system files. (I once did that in first grade, because when i opened it, it didnt work).
What I have to say to all those who oppose my opinion, is something that everyone is now experiencing- that the influence of technology in our daily life is increasing rapidly. Man's needs just goes on increasing. If not given enough training with the use of computers, how will they survive in the future?
Another thing that matters when it comes to using gadgets, parents must, to some level, allow children to use the gadgets, rather than keep them away from gadgets. I think it is much better than keeping it away, which, i guess will affect their way of understanding, their curiosity, and all.

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