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Kolaveri Di- The Best Four Versions.

Posted on the 12 December 2011 by Vandanan @vandanan_m

In India- well, at least in south India, Dhanush’s new song, ‘Why this Kolaveri Di’ is a SENSATION, I tell you. Apparently, the song has to present no meaning whatsoever. ‘Kolaveri’ roughly translates to rage, or a burning desire to kill. But come on, what has that to do with moon in the distance and the color of the night?I recently read on some page that Dhanush himself admitted that the song is void of any meaning. According to people, it doesn’t matter if it has a meaning or doesn’t. Some say there is nothing so special in the song, yet I feel that Dhanush sang well, the lyrics were good to listen to, and I also felt that the tune is quite catchy. As far as we, the music lovers are concerned, it’s music that matters, not arguments. Now, as far as music goes, I’ve listened to many versions already. I’ve listed only the ones who are worthy of notice- #1. The original version.

#2. The carnatic version(this one was a REAL hit, even a couple of newspapers featured news on it) Kolaveri subhapantuvarali by MohanK
#3. The song sung by Sonu Nigam’s Son Nevan, with some lyrics changed, also called the ‘milk version’
#4 The English RnB version by Arjun (this one is my personal fav!)
(Arjun– How could you do this to me)

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