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What i Would Do with Unlimited 3G & How Aircel's New 3G Plans Would Help Me.

Posted on the 05 May 2012 by Vandanan @vandanan_m
I am writing this post to participate in Aircel's Blogger Contest. Apart from this, I would also like to express my views on the topic.
So, I guess I will begin with my experience so far with Aircel. I am a very happy customer of Aircel. What attracts me most is the tariff plans. I don't know any other network that gives you unlimited EDGE on your phone for a month at just Rs.97. Furthermore, Aircel occasionally launches short-term offers, one of such was to 60,000 seconds of talk time for Rs.170. The call r About Aircel 3G- unfortunately, I have not yet tried out the 3G services, because where I live, there's only 2G connectivity.
Coming to 3G, Aircel's plans are, simply, the best. They charge just Rs.8 for a full day of unlimited 3G. Now THAT, is awesome.
So, what would i do with  unlimited 3G &  Aircel's new 3G plans? Ask me what I won't do, it's a far simpler question. Unlimited 3G would mean I could stay updated 24x7, chat with friends, read something, and also blog on the go! And if I ever go for 3G services, I'm pretty sure that I'll go with Aircel.

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