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GROW Week 17

By Ceriblog @ceriblog
GROW Week 17GROW Week 17

GROW Week 17

I'm so ridiculously tired today! I blame a late night out, work at 9am and then TOWIE last night. I mean... COME ON! I know the rule for looking like death is less is more, but today I just HAD to wear eyeliner. I had the biggest puffiest eyes but I couldn't help but laugh. I looked like E.T. minus the long neck.
So last Thursday I had my Business A Level exam and I feel it went pretty well.. I then had to peg it to an interview for Beauty Therapy NVQ 2 which I'm super excited about! My mum's had this amazing idea that we'll transform out spare room into my little parlour! So I'll be able to do treatments from my own home!

Onto the hair now. I feel it's been soooo much thicker lately, and I'm loving it! I've been massaging my head, taking my supplements and sh*t. So yeah, I can see the results!

I have no other major news but I have received my Glossybox this month and cannot wait to try out all the products! Let's just say... it's my fave box so far!!

GROW Week 17

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