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GROW Week 16 Comparisons

By Ceriblog @ceriblog
GROW Week 16 ComparisonsGROW Week 16 Comparisons

GROW Week 16 Comparisons

Hair Growth = 39cm to 41cm in 6 weeks
To you, that growth won't seem a lot, but it really is seeing as I've had a hair cut since then and got quite a bit taken off.. I think I got it cut around 5 weeks ago now so it's grown pretty well...
I've started taking my old Hair Supplements again which I haven't forgotten to take and I've also been massaging my head with shampoo every day for a week and although it sounds far fetched, I think it's growing. I can always tell it's growing because my roots start to appear!
Along with my Folic Acid, I've been trying to eat healthier (but it's not working) so help with my skin etc.

Thinking of taking some vitamin tablets soon, so we'll see how that turns out.
This week I've been very busy with coursework and things because I've got an A Level exam on Thursday - which is also my last exam. So fingers crossed it'll go to plan and then I can relax!
Hope you're all well!

GROW Week 16 Comparisons

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