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Grow up

By Golfrefugees
Grow the game of golf is a new initiate based in the Netherlands and backed by various golf organisations.
We are not overly keen on their logo but it is for a good cause and they invite everyone to send in ideas on how to grow the game of golf.

So here goes;

Golf Refugees would abolish the current governing bodies of golf and replace them with somebody who could write a ‘revised rules of golf’ on a single piece of paper.

The new governing body would have female board members, members from ethnic backgrounds and members from various age groups including teenagers.

Scrap any restrictive dress code rules at golf clubs and tournaments.

Abolish single sex private members golf clubs.

Remove Amateur status from golf.
Official recognition for other forms of golf including; mini golf, crazy golf, street golf etc

Provide incentives to promote environmentally friendly measures;

Major Championships to be awarded to golf courses that develop and implement plans to reduce; water, fertilizer, pesticide usage and waste management including installation of compost toilets.

Tournament officials to wear ethically made carbon neutral apparel.

Remove performance restrictions for golf balls which are made from biodegradable materials.

Introduce minimum requirements for the use of recycled materials for all golf equipment and schemes to enable golf products to be recycled.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how to grow the game of golf.

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