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Groom Your Furs Ready for Winter!

By Cgajid @cgajid
So as we at Vinchi have accepted now that Summer is over, we always like to take the positive road... and for us that road always ends up at Vintage Square!
One thing that has been big these past couple of Winters is fur coats, so where did this craze start? Well... if we want to go way back into prehistoric times of course cavemen would wear animal fur and skin coats: The prehistoric Christian Diors? Maybe not so... Moving on, in the Medieval times they would not dare wear any fur as they thought it may have caused the plague?! If we were around in that time, we would tell them straight: Fashion graces the planet, it would never set out to harm you! Some people just have no idea do they?
Now, this sounds more appealing, moving on further in the Victorian era fur coats started to become more and more FASHIONABLE. Now that word is music to our ears :) thank god for the Victorians!
And now, here we are in the 21st Century and fur coats have become a huge fashion craze! Sold in highstreet shops such as Topshop and of course sold authentically at vintage stores. Some people may disagree in wearing real fur, not a problem! Go for the faux fur! We at sell the exact item you will want to get your vintage mits on this season Oh and would you look at that! It's on sale! So grab it while you can!
Here's a few celebrities spotted working the fur ;)
Groom Your Furs Ready for Winter!
Groom Your Furs Ready for Winter!
Groom Your Furs Ready for Winter!
So there we have it, everyone has caught the fur flu and they just can't seem to shift it!
Keep posted to see what else is hot in the No.1 vintage shop
Vinchi x

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