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Grimm 1x01: Pilot

Posted on the 30 October 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

Grimm 1x01: Pilot

Original Air Date: 28 October 2011

Storyline: Nick Burkhardt's life is completely transformed when his family's legacy is revealed to him and he discovers that he is a Grimm, a monster hunter who can see fairy tale creatures for what they really are.Trivia: Jogging victim Sylvie Oster shares her last name with series producer Steve Oster.Best Quote:

Nick: Don't you need silver bullets?
Eddy: What are you, an idiot?

The Story: Red Riding HoodReview: To begin with, let me just say it's refreshing to watch a TV show where no one has iPhones. Moving on...

I'm a big, big fan of the fantasy genre, and when fairy tales come into play, I'm like a little kid. Which is why I was extremely excited for two of this year's new shows - Once Upon a Time and Grimm. I was afraid they'd cancel each other out, but they follow completely different paths: while OUaT keeps the fairy tale spirit, while at the same time expanding the stories and essentially bringing together two parallel universes - the books and the reality, much like Enchanted, Grimm pretty much cancels the entire fantasy land with one line: "This is no fairy tale. The stories are real. What they wrote about really happened." Essentially, Grimm is a crime procedural show with a fantastic element. 
Most of what happened during the pilot has already been spoiled by the trailer. We are introduced to a police detective - Nick Burckhardt - who has the unique ability to see fairy tale creatures for what they are and not the way regular people see them. He's one of the last grimms, people in charge of protecting the general population from these monsters. As it turns out, the gift - or curse, more like it - is passed on in the family, when the person who currently possesses it dies (or is close to dying).
As Nick's dying aunt (played by Kate Burton) comes to town, he is revealed some of the family secrets, including his own condition as one of the last grimms, but very few things were actually revealed about the mythology. I'm waiting to hear more about Nick's parents and about the whole grimm institution. Also, one of the biggest questions of all - and thankfully, the element was not spoiled in the trailer - is what's up with Captain Renard; is he some kind of Blutbad as well? Cause that's what the big bad wolf is called...
As I said above, the entire episode was mostly resumed in the trailer, including the outcome of the missing girl investigation. That doesn't mean the episode was entertaining to watch. I liked it's alert rhythm, the chemistry between the cast, David Giuntoli's boyish looks and Eddie Monroe's character, Silas Weir Mitchell, a reformed Blutbad who stays good "through a strict regimen of diet, drugs, and Pilates". He brings the much needed fun element to an otherwise dark show.
What works: The concept is fun, even though it's essentially just another procedural. I hope the writers will dive more into the mythology of the grimms, to keep the fantasy alive and not fall into the formulaic.
The cast works well together, there's chemistry between them and the characters are - in the most part - believable.
The action was fast paced, the hour went by quickly and I really didn't have time to get bored, not even after watching it a second time. The fairy tale element was integrated with the procedural aspects quite well.
What doesn't work: I said above that the characters were mostly believable, but some of their reactions weren't really all that much. Nick was way too cool with everything; me? I'd have gone to a shrink before actually accepting that Blutbaden and whatnot are living among humans. Also, his partner didn't really question his actions all that much. I'd expect him to start asking questions about where Nick gets his tips at some point.
Who puts "Sweet Dreams" on repeat while jogging? (It's also very stuck in my head for a couple of days.)
I'm also trying to figure out just how many fairy tale baddies they can uncover before recycling them, at which point the show will become redundant.
So far, so good. Grimm is definitely one of the shows that will stay in my Friday night schedule for a while, especially since it's just after Chuck.Back to Season 1

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