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Greening Business as a Team: Better Know Milepost Consulting

Posted on the 04 April 2012 by Blab

Greening Business as a Team: Better Know Milepost ConsultingBeing “green” is a team effort – at least that’s Milepost Consulting‘s philosophy. The B Corp is all about using teamwork to help companies engage stakeholders, build capacity, and implement higher environmental standards. Milepost’s own team, a group of professional individuals from diverse backgrounds (including a pshycologist, a scientist, an organic farmer and more), works to understand a client’s company practice and culture first. They then create a tailored road map of sustainability goals that gets the whole company involved in decreasing environmental impact and increasing profitability.

Milepost is making corporate sustainability an interactive and enjoyable process that completes goals and builds community. With a graphic designer on staff, Milepost visually interprets he goals they help companies set into custom roadmaps so the whole team can track progress. These maps even contain interactive components, such as movable goal markers to keep people engaged. Past examples include a NASCAR themed roadmap, a physical map of Seattle and even a 12ft long wall installation with a mailbox for employee feedback and suggestions. This approach has allowed Milepost to take their sustainability consulting across many industries, working with clients such as Greens Sports Alliance, Puget Sound Energy, Better Bricks program, the Seattle Seahawks, many utility companies and most recently, college campuses across seven states.  Milepost Consulting joined the B Corp community to prove they were performing to the standards they encourage their clients to meet. The B Impact Assessment helps them monitor internally, just as their roadmaps help clients track progress and achievements. Looking towards the future, Milepost is expanding their industry range and constantly working to make sustainability goals something that every company, and every employee, can be a part of.

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