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Greenhouse Base is Down

By Chooksandroots @chooksandroots

The garden is really coming along now, and with any luck it will be ‘fait accomplis’ by the end of the week.

Our man’s coming back tomorrow, but so far he’s got the greenhouse base down, edging stones in and raised bed constructed.

He was hoping for some help from the other half with getting the new gravel board and fence panel in, but as he was out at work, we had to resort to the real muscle… me!

After much ‘to me, to you-ing’, and me grunting at the top of the slightly wobbly ladder, they slid in with relative ease. I had a manly war wound in the shape of a bruise on my wrist, but apart from that, all is good


Progress so far – from this:

Greenhouse base is down
to this:

Greenhouse base is down
He’s back tomorrow, and I just have a row of cabbages to rehome….

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