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Green Lantern

Posted on the 17 June 2011 by Raghavmodi @raghavmodi
I went into Green Lantern expecting the worst. Was this going to be another Hulk, or worst yet another Daredevil? To my surprise what I got was a smart, fast moving, summer blockbuster whose only fault it seems is that it was released so close to X-Men First Class and Thor. FYI as always I saw the movie in 2D.So, here are 12 reasons for why you should go and watch The Green Lantern;1.   Origins - Green Lantern is a story about a cocksure fighter-plane pilot who ends up becoming a member of the intergalactic Green Lantern Core whose main objective is to keep peace and harmony across the universe. So, you have a bit of sci-fi, some fantasy, alien characters, all mixed up that make up for an interesting watch.
2.   Let’s Go Green - Do you recycle? Be honest. Whatever your answer, after watching the movie which comprises of a whole lot of “green” (and that is not counting the use of the “green screen” for CGI) you can broadcast to the world that you went Green with a straight face.   
3.   No Cameos! - Okay at least none that I know of. You know what that means? You can talk about the movie in detail with everyone. Nothing to hide. Nothing to skip. No chance of someone telling you in advance and spoiling the movie for you. Obviously, I could have just made all this up and there might really be a cameo and I’m just tricking you into believing that there isn’t one, or two J
4.   3D takes a fall again - It brings me pure joy in telling you that although I have not watched the movie in 3D, there is no reason for you to not watch it in 2D. It worked perfectly in 2D so save those extra dollars/pounds/rupees/insert your currency here.

5.   Ryan Reynolds – I like Ryan Reynolds because is he amongst the few actors who are ready to experiment. Not many can say that they have been part of a TV sitcom and movie genres ranging from comedy to rom-coms and from independent cinema to big budget ventures. Moreover, he plays Hal Jordan perfectly with the right attitude and charisma.
6.   Blake Lively.
7.   The excessive use of CGI was evident considering the nature of the story. Comparing it with Thor, Green Lantern lacked a certain wow factor. Not to dismiss it entirely, there are moments like the Green Lantern flying in front of the sun towards the end that looked brilliant.
8.   The Story – The movie does proceed at a pace. To say that it leaves you confused would be wrong. It does keep you on your toes and interested. It’s definitely not a no-brainer, so make sure you have your thinking caps on.
9.   The X Factor – Green Lantern works well for both the sexes. So you can actually take your date to the movie. Seriously, Ryan Reynolds is bare-chested for the right amount of time to keep your female companion happy. True, they might think of him in the night, but it’s a small price to pay, especially when your other option is Bad Teacher. Also, don’t tell anyone, but you can always lust after the gorgeous Blake Lively playing Green Lantern’s love interest Carol Ferris.
10.  The Suit – Personally I felt that all the Green Lantern suits worked well. If you are the type of person who thinks that the suit was of the wrong shade (overheard after the movie), well then somebody needs to get some help of the medical kind. 
11.  The End Credits Scene – Yes there is one. It’s just enough to whet your appetite for the future.
12.  What you have with Green Lantern is a summer blockbuster full of drama, romance, the right dose of action, and all round pure popcorn entertainment that receives a solid 3.5 stars out of 5.

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