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Green Hair??? My Hair Fail!!

By Teaantoast @teaantoastblog
I really should not be left in my own company, FACT! I get really bored, and when I'm bored on my own I come up with the worst ideas and end up doing some sort of big fail. In the past I've come up with ideas to cut up my favorite pair of jeans and ended up with nothing left of them, baked some kind of cake I've not even got a recipe to and it just ended up looking like vomit (yes that's happened before), this time it was try to dye my hair blonde! WHAT WAS I THINKING?

I went through a faze a few months ago of really wanting pastel pink hair (there was even a blog post all about it), I decided I was going to do it, brought the hair dye and everything... Then sensible job searching Sian came along though and changed my mind for me (Well done, good job sensible Sian). I still had a blonde hair dye lurking in my drawers and the other day when I was really bored, looking for fun things to keep me occupied, I decided to dip dye my hair again. Well I started to put the dye on and then just went mad and put it all over my head! Instantly I regretted it, I wish there was a control + Z button for real life! After about 40 minutes of having this color on my hair, I washed it out and the worst possible thing (well my hair could of fell out, that would be the worst outcome really wouldn't it?) It went green!!!!! My natural hair color went green and the rest turned into this red-ish pink colour, of course the little stubble bit of hair that's growing back from when I shaved my head was yellow, eugh it was disgusting - a total disaster!GREEN HAIR??? MY HAIR FAIL!!
I went to the shop the next morning after going for breakfast with Mark and brought a brunette hair dye... Yep, the first thing I did was put that bad boy on and prayed it didn't come out wrong as well!

GREEN HAIR??? MY HAIR FAIL!!I have used this Garnier Nutrisse Creme hair dye in the color Aurburn 4.5. I have used this hair dye before but in a different color and it is one of my favourites. There isn't a disgustingly over powering smell that chokes you and it doesn't leave your hair feeling brittle afterwards. The conditioner that comes with it is AMAZING as well. I love the results of this colour, it's still got hints of red in for obvious reasons and the green is gone - Can I get a hurray?


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Sian x

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