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Green Accent Ankara Skirt and March Madness

By Chineze @uhmayzinginez
Green Accent Ankara Skirt and March Madnesslocal shop bought pearl studded top / c/oZaful green choker / random market bought slides and African beaded bracelets / Brazilian gold jewelryGreen Accent Ankara Skirt and March Madness
Football is being talked about a lot every where now. I listen to arguments and excited talks on the subject, the practical worship of football idols and I don't understand a thing. I try to follow. I hear names I know. It's interesting to feel the passionate emotions. I love passionate #emotions as much as I love remixing #clothing items. One aspect I've come to observe of the whole football fanaticism is how very little interest is paid to local #football. Even though I know very little about football I do have good enough eyesight to observe the lush greenery of the football fields of foreign stadia and how our local stadia pales in comparison. Is it to be expected? Speaking of paleness, green is very much in this week, especially since St. Patrick's Day is just near. So, in keeping with the vibes of the season I've been wearing a lot of green clothing items, like this pale green or mint green pearl studded lace top and this green ole' Ankara skirt. I'm doing edgy relaxed casual right here with this velvety green choker from Zaful. You too?
Green Accent Ankara Skirt and March Madness

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