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Greatness!!! I Said GREATNESS!

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity
Hey there Shiners....
This is one of those times where the mood is hitting me so I am going to let it flow. 
What do you think of when you hear the word greatness?? 
I am wondering if any of you added yourself into any of the list of things that came to mind. 
To many times we think less of ourselves because we may not be exactly where we want to be in life but to be honest we are exactly where we belong.  We want to move forward and that is GREAT! We want to reach higher and that is GREAT! We want to be the best and that is GREAT! Why because we are great!
You may not see it but you were born for a reason.  We all have our own little part to play in this huge movie we call life.  Each charater has his/her own role and it is important.  Can you imagine being the leading man/lady and not having eachother??  It would be a total mess.  Who would make sure that you remembered your lines, the movie would not flow properly. 
We are all born from greatness....I will say it again....WE WERE BORN FROM GREATNESS!  We are special in everyway.  I see so many young adults like myself at one point that thought less of themselves but that will stop here because we are Great! We are doing big things, turning small thoughts into big dreams, changing for the better, loving more, opening up more and even shedding a single tear because at one point we were so guarded.  This is GREATNESS!  To be able to let go and let the lord above do his works within us.  To reach and do things that we never thought that we would ever be doing. We can not stop here because it is not meant to be.  We are to reach beyond the stars and snag one for ourselves and keep out greatness shining as bright as we can.
So My Shiners...I ask you again what do you think of when you hear the word greatness??
I Pray with everything I have you are now on that list of things because you are just that...Great!
Never let no one or nothing try to tell you or show you that you are anything less than GREATNESS!
Its been in all of us since day one!
I love you all
Ms. Positivity!!!!

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