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Great Week of TV

Posted on the 06 December 2012 by Ayeshahalam @ayeshahalam
Great week of TV
The Channel 4 production SECRET STATE... one of the first shows I talked about on this blog is really fantastic. If you enjoy political wranglings and thrillers.. this is a show you will certainly enjoy. The show is still in its first season so try and catch up quick if you can ... it is only 4 episodes. 
This series is adapted from the book "A very British Coup" by British politician Chris Mullen. This novel has been adapted twice for television. The first version was adapted in 1988 by screenwriter Alan Plater and directed by Mick Jackson. Channel 4 screened that version as well and it won the BAFTA and Emmy awards. That series was titled like the book "A Very British Coup"
Now remember this is just good fun... and there are some implausible things happening... don't want to put any spoilers here...BUT... its television that is entertaining and takes you away to another world... delightfully feeds into the mindset of conspiracy theories...with a few heroic lines every now and then... expected of a political drama..... but all in all ... really good fun
Now on to the next show for today...
Great week of TV
Private Practice... spin off from Grey's Anatomy... now to be honest I discovered this one late... and yes ... there are times when the script starts to go a little weak... but considering that this ABC series is now into its 6th year... I guess that is bound to happen at some point... but it still keeps one engaged enough to be patient enough to wait for the show to come back up. Like Grey's Anatomy I guess.. If you haven't checked this series out.. Please do... now it no "House" ... but if you like Grey's Anatomy... you probably will enjoy this one too.. the characters do crossover from time to time.. carrying on their stories on both sets of GA and PP... but its a fun watch... and like Grey's Anatomy... can be a tear jerker... last night's episode was good fun ... and yes.. am hooked again....am going to show you the trailer from Seaon 1 to give you a feel for the series in case you are thinking of giving it a go

And for those of you who already know and love (or hate) the show... thought we could have some fun today and I found a link for bloopers from the first season... 

That's it for today folks... as always please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions... you could also mail me at [email protected] Happy viewing!!

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