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Great is Thy Faithfulness

By Jenrene

There is something about the faithfulness of God… its such a pleasure to REST in His faithfulness. One thing I have learned in my Red Sea Situation, is that God is ever faithful.

Even if you don’t know what He is BEING FAITHFUL ABOUT… He’s still faithful. I came to this realization in a pinnacle time of just really being BROKEN… and I had surrendered all. I was just sold out to God’s plan for my  life, and however it needed to come.  sometimes we need to come to the end of ourselves in order for God to move. I acquiesced to it his plan for myh life. ( I yielded without protesting) …yet not sure what to do about my situation.  I recall  being extremely lost during this time … just wandering - and I found God in the fact that if  I could praise Him for WHO HE IS…  just being the faithful and true and ALMIGHTY GOD  - ALL BY HIMSELF -  and the fact His Son died for ME… that was enough. I just accepted it. even if it wasn’t fair, if  I was upset or nagry or resentful about the fact it happened at all… I acquiesced.

I didn’t need Him to PROVE anything to me… I just needed to know He was present.  And He would make His presence known as long as I sought Him.  SO many people look for a TANGIBLE manifestation of His love and blessing… but  the very fact we are BREATHING is enough to know God is present and living in us! If we would only stop and think about how we breathe… what Keeps Us Going from day to day? Have you ever thought about it? What keeps your chest rising and your legs going and your heart beating… He’s faithful.. daily the SUN rises… He’s faithful. Daily the wind blows.. He’s faithful.. Every morn I open my eyes… He’s faithful.

And as along as he was present… that was ENOUGH.  ONCE I ARRIVED TO THIS PLACE IN GOD, it really didnt matter anymore that I endured hardship, because I realized an end would come and on the other side of the  Red Sea Situation… would be PROMISE.   Selah.

If you are wondering where His blessings are for you today.. they may be wrapped up in your surrendering to your circumstance.

Try it. You won’t be  disappointed.

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