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Great in the Wrong Guy’s Eyes.

By Notquitecarrie @OliviaMackinnon

Great in the wrong guy’s eyes.

Ever wondered why the guy you make pretty eyes at doesn’t make them back at you?

You don’t get it.

Other guys in your life, guys you don’t invest nearly as much time analysing or grooming for think you’re pretty much the tits. They tell you so, sweet things, all the time – how you’re amazing, a really good girl “any guy would be lucky to have you” they’d say. “Forget about that asshole.”

But of course we can’t, we’re genetically programmed to love the ones we can’t have. It’s only when we get a glitch (or lose the thrill of the chase) that we realise we can ‘settle’ (I’m emphasising that word because I don’t really mean it how it sounds) for someone who loves us back – and who we don’t have to spend our days fretting over, willing them to want us.

It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Honestly. Aliens must be looking down at us from a near planet and laughing “stupid humans, being all choosey and unsatisfied – constantly chasing the wrong humans when the right ones are right in front of them – I’ve got half a mind to invade their silly little planet and end their misery – how absolutely hilaaaaarious.”

But the fact is, the reasons these ‘untargeted’ guys in our lives think we’re so crash hot is because we don’t put up a pretense. We don’t pretend to be the uber funny girl with the amazingly bouncy hair and nice-smelling neck. We’re ourselves. Probably wittier than we ever are when we’re trying, much more fun to be around and sexy even – just because we don’t know we’re doing it.

These guys, they’re really the ones you’re making fall for you hook, line and sinker. Dreamy eyes over there, he doesn’t even see you. He’s too busy going after the girl who treats him like he’s nothing, and not putting him on a pedastool so high you can’t even bring yourself to chat to him on Facebook – for fear of what to say to kick things off. Puhlease. That’s not you. You’re hardly the one to worry about how to get what you want or be heard.

Why do you think that guy friend of yours thinks you’re so amazeballs? Because to him, when you’re just being you, you really are incredible, a no brainer even – so stop trying so hard yadig?

(Or, get yourself onto this guy friend stat, he sounds like good people and is probably one sexy little keeper. Reow.)

Great in the wrong guy’s eyes.



What are you guilty of doing with a guy you like that you wouldn’t do normally?

Do you keep it from your girlfriends?

(Because you know if you can’t fess up to them – you’re doing something wrong! Just sayin’)

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